Edge Reveals When He Would Have Retired

Former WWE Superstar Edge appeared on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

If he didn't receive the news, how long he felt he would have competed before he retired: "I pretty much assumed that WrestleMania in Miami (WM 28) would be my last because my contract runs out around then. I just thought I would get to there and have my final match there and then retire. The best laid plans never work out the way they should. And they didn't and that's okay. I knew it was coming to an end but I didn't know exactly when that end would be. All this did was speed up the process by exactly 1 year. I already knew I was ready to retire. My body was telling me it was time. All the pain I was in and mentally, the grind, was just getting me down."


The unique way Tony Chimel announces him to the ring: "I loved the way Chimel announced me to the ring. He would announce me and Cena to the ring for like 250 nights and he would go out of his way for Cena and then simply announce 'and here's the Rated R Superstar Edge.' So I was like come on Chimel, at least make an effort for me as well. So he started to elongate the 'Super' in 'Rated R Superstar' and it just became a huge joke in the back and everybody would say it along as he would in the ring. I don't even think Kevin Dunn noticed, it just kinda flew under the radar."

When does Edge want to enter the WWE Hall of Fame?: "I would love to be inducted into the WWE HOF but I never put any thought into when. I never said 'I wanna be inducted in the next year'. I wouldn't be offended if it was in a few years from now. If it was the same year that WrestleMania returns to Toronto, that would be awesome but I never really put any thought into when exactly I wanted to get inducted."


You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Right After Wrestling