Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Planning Comeback

Ashley Massaro, who has not wrestled since parting ways with WWE in 2008, announced Sunday on her Twitter account that she is planning a return to the squared circle.

"I'm been yearning to mention this before-I want to be trained full time this time not match per match like WWE it's tougher to pick up that quick than any of u can understand n I want to come back the best I can be like ever make u all proud," Massaro wrote.


"Not many had to learn on the spot n I'm not making excuses but I'm damn motivated n want to come back stronger harder n sicker than ever! I'm hoping y'all can understand that. I get trashed for botches or injuries wtf do u expect when u learn a move once rt before tv n on rd 330 days a yr w no off time to train it's unrealistic. But I thank the women in WWE I worked w utmost respect to Lisa Melina Jillian trish all the girls who tried to help on my off time n mostly Paul Brian Kendrick n matt n Shane n all the guys really! The talent was so supportive and I'm ready to come back n make everybody proud especially my fans n supporters who appreciated the work I did do thanks to the help from the divas n fit n arn I love u guys for sticking by.


"You will see me again like I said I'm coming back harder n stronger n TRAINED this time lol they learned there lesson never didthat2nother After all the injuries n potential given ones that could've happened! I love my work w WWE don't get me wrong but I'm a fan like u guys n I know how it is n I know what people think, did I want to be amazing n wrestle like the vets absolutely but it takes time n I nevergotchanc.

"Thanks for listening. The rest will be on a radio show I'm doing, I'll explain a lot for anybody interested I f'ing love u guys thanks!!"

Upon winning the 2005 Diva Search, Massaro, who had no prior wrestling experience, was immediately promoted to the main roster. Her three-year run with the organization would result in disappointment as it was mired with injuries and substandard wrestling performances. She was released from her contract amidst controversy: Rolling Stone alleged that Massaro was employed by a Los Angeles escort agency, which was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.