Harry Smith Upset With WWE Over Selfish Actions

Recently released WWE talent Harry Smith (a/k/a David Hart Smith), who rarely speaks ill of anyone, is very upset with his former employer. The son of the late "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith stated on his Facebook account on Saturday that after much pleading, WWE did not return all of the Hart family possessions he had lent for their memorabilia display at WrestleMania Axxess. This includes his father's ring gear and ring gear of the late Owen Hart, among other priceless possessions. WWE did, however, send him a framed picture of Mae Young as a goodwill gesture. He is further agitated that WWE would call him two weeks after his dismissal from the organization asking for the items he received back.


"Well I'm not one to bury any companies or people but I'm afraid I have no choice here. The WWE after great difficulty of my begging, finally sent me back "some" but not all of my families possessions from the Hall of Fame/Fan axxess. This includes, my dad's ring gear, my ring gear, owen hart's blue blazer masks, and singlet and lots of priceless family possessions. They sent a framed picture of my dad smashed, half the other stuff missing but they threw in a Mae Young framed picture," Smith wrote.

"Then they have the nerve to call me, two weeks after firing me, sniffing around asking if they can have it back for their precious Hall of Fame/fan axxess. Even though I am expendable talent, they wouldn't mind just keeping my family's last remaining wrestling stuff.


"Anyone can feel free to post this on dirt sites as I feel the world should know about how selfish and inconsiderate the WWE truly is."

Harry's mother, Diana Hart Smith, is also upset with WWE as she feels they carelessly handled her framed drawing of her late husband. She says it was "the last straw."

She wrote on Facebook, "This is my drawing of Davey's, and the more info I am sent about this disrespectful injustice, the more shocked I am–this is the second time this has happened with this drawing, and they never took care of it the first time. And then to ask two weeks after Harry's release if we can lend more items to Hall of Fame Fan axxess. These things are from Davey and Owen, my father, all legendary people who are no longer alive and it is difficult to fathom giving up these things which we would never be able to see, since it would go to the WWE HOF Fan Access. These are family possessions and unless Georgia, Harry or I, in the Smith household specifically, are at WWE Fan Access, we cannot see for ourselves.

"These aren't belongings of just some random old friends–they are lost family members. With Harry's release, I really doubt I would be flying to Connecticut to see my Hall of Fame memorabilia, and I would probably end up paying admission too. The smashed picture of Davey, which I drew of him, was the last straw, and this is the second time it has happened.


"I wonder what the significance of sending an 8 x 10 pic of Mae Young to Harry, Georgia and me was?"