John Morrison Speaks Out - Neck Injury, Snooki/Trish

John Morrison was a guest on The LAW Sunday night discussing his recent return to WWE television, his neck injury, changing his style and his match at WrestleMania this past April. The entire show can be downloaded at Here are some highlights:


His neck injury and what led to his time off: I got an MRI, and they basically found that I had two bone spurs, which was wear and tear, but the herniation and compression, similar to someone stepping on a garden hose, cut off the nerves to my arm. I went to the gym the following day, and I knew my neck hurt, but I was like "ah, you'll work through it," like you do in fighting or anything. I was gonna do curls; I go to pick up two fifty pound dumb bells, do one curl with my left, and my right just doesn't work. I can't curl at all. I ended up going down to a ten pound dumb bell, and I could barely, barely move it. That's when I knew something was really wrong. I had a more minor procedure basically they just went through and drilled through the bone and took the bone out that was pinching the nerve. My arm now is about 60% of what is was before the injury and it's not a muscle thing, the neurons just have to re-grow and everything has to fire again and it hasn't done that yet and it's taking a really long time.


Teaming with Trish Stratus and Snooki at WrestleMania 27 this past April: The match was what it was. It was very short. I felt like Snooki and I kinda got the cold shoulder, we were standing on the apron the whole time while Trish (Stratus) and Michelle (McCool) spent five minutes in the ring doing the whole match. I think it was an important part of WrestleMania, because say what you want about Snooki, but she has one of the top rated shows right now. Jersey Shore gets better ratings than Raw. She's got this whole fan base, and it's a different fan base, a different demographic, and that's why she was there. That's an important part of the show. Personally, and professionally, I would have loved to have been able to have a 15-20 minute match against Dolph Ziggler, because we've had that on live events, and I know we could've torn the house down. It would have felt great to be able to do that at WrestleMania in front of all those people. You have to ultimately think about it as a business. If someone comes in, and people are going to tune in to watch them, that's why they're there. That's part of the game.

Source: The Fight Network