Major Backstage Heat: Melina & Morrison

Source: The Wrestling Observer

As reported Tuesday, WWE barred Melina Perez from attending Monday's RAW event at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. WWE officials made the decision ban the former Women's Champion from the arena due to their belief that should she have entered the backstage area, there would have been some major drama in response to her being let go by the organization last Friday. The entire company security team was told she was not to be let inside the venue. Management has taken Perez' reaction to being released as over the top, according to one source, to the point that she may have burned the bridge in regard to a future return.


Perez going on the road with John Morrison over the weekend was also a major point of contention internally. Company officials are very down on Morrison over the situation, feeling it was a massive breach of etiquette. One writer said, "It would be one thing to come visit a few months down the line but to show up at the next shows after being released, it's a complete lack of understanding and respect. It sucks you are fired but you don't come see the boyfriend that dumped you the next day and you don't go to the office to hang out after getting your pink slip. She did that and made eyes roll. There were some worried she was going to physically cause a problem and with John facilitating that by having her there, well, you saw what happened on Raw."


The same source indicated that Morrison's current WWE contract will expire within the next several months. With no long term deal in place and the belief that his loyalty to his longtime girlfriend would supersede his to WWE, it's easy to see why he has been deemphasized.