Matt Hardy's Arrest, IMPACT! In The UK, Hogan, More

– TNA has announced that TNA Impact will air on Challenge TV in the UK and Ireland on Sunday nights at 9PM starting this Sunday. A repeat of the show will air Tuesday night's at 10PM.

– has an interview up with Hulk Hogan at


– We noted earlier that North Carolina state trooper B.J. Smith has indicated that Hardy was not drunk, but "appeared to have taken some type of impairing substance" at the time of his crash and subsequent arrest. In an update on this, Smith also added that Hardy was "traveling more than 55 mph but less than 70 mph" when his Corvette ran off the road and struck a culvert pipe and a tree at 12:46 p.m. As noted, Hardy submitted to a blood test, results of which are currently pending. Hardy's employer, TNA Wrestling, promptly terminated his contract following the arrest. He had already been on suspension, reportedly due to tardiness at live events. That may have been a cover for the tazing video though. He had not appeared for the organization since May 30. Hardy is due to appear in court Sept. 28.