No X-Rated Photos Of Terri Runnels..... For Now

The Orlando Sentinal reports that a judge in Sanford, Florida has temporarily ordered Jerome Young, professionally known as New Jack, from selling nude photographs of former partner Terri Runnels.

The former WWE Diva filed a lawsuit against Young on Aug. 8, accusing him of libel by posting comments on Facebook about her appetite for alcohol and pain medication following their recent break-up. The suit also alleges he's defamed her by accusing her of exposing partners to sexually transmitted diseases.

Runnels also asked Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover to permanently ban Young from distributing sexually explicit photos of her. The judge issued a temporary ban on Friday and set a hearing on the situation for Aug. 24. Both will be in court for that.

Young told the newspaper last week that he took the photos with his cell phone, that they belong to him and he should be free to distribute them to whomever he pleases.

"Sending somebody naked photos, that's not a crime," Young said.

He also said that he has spread no false information about Runnels.

Sources: The Orlando Sentinal