Partial Superstars **SPOILERS** + Off Air RAW Notes

Credit: Nick Graham and Wrestling Observer

Pre-show matches: Alex Riley beat Poor Drew McIntyre with a TKO

Superstars Announcers Came Out

WWE Superstars: Truth over Morrison with the downward spiral in a solid, fairly lengthy Superstars match


During one of the commercial breaks, Zack Ryder came out and Randy Orton gave him an RKO.

Post-show: Miz, Truth, Dolph, and Swagger came out to crash the Sheamus/Cena celebration, but Orton saved the day, leading to a finishing move hoe-down. The three faces then posed and slapped hands with the fans.

Notes: Sin Cara was very over, probably coming in third to Cena and Orton, and nobody seemed to notice he was a different guy. He was also sucking wind as soon as his entrance was over, and was visibly blown up for the duration of his match, which makes me think Mistico may be back sooner than later. For some reason there was no Sin Cara merchandise for sale to speak of. Crowd was surprisingly dead for Punk vs Miz.


Biggest Fail: No Alberto or Ricardo