Paul Heyman's Autobiography Delayed + Kevin Von Erich

Partial Source:

-- Paul Heyman's autobiography has been pushed back to next year. The Heyman Hustle was originally set for a November release but was delayed due to scheduling conflicts with a planned tour. The publisher did not want to release it without any kind of promotion as it would hurt sales.

-- Kevin Von Erich is set to make an appearance at the Los Angeles WrestleReunion event in January. Von Erich lives in Hawaii these days and doesn't often visit the continental US. Vader, Tommy Dreamer, The Steiners, Carlos Colon, Kevin Sullivan, Mikey Whipwreck, Molly Holly, The Godfather, Harry Smith and the New Age Outlaws will also be appearing at the show.

-- Former WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino is said to be progressing better than the average recovery from heart valve replacement, but he still gets winded at times. Sal Corrente, handler of Bruno's bookings, says Bruno "wants to get back to power walking and lifting weights already but with the recovery being a six month process, is not yet being allowed to lift weights." Bruno still gets winded during his exercising, but he says he feels fine and is in no pain at all.


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