Source: The Wrestling Observer

- During the WWE house show last night in Salt lake City, some of the crew got banged up. Here are the details…

* Dolph Ziggler suffered a pulled abdominal muscle. At this time, it is believed that he will work through the injury.

* The reported Rey Mysterio knee injury, which was suffered during a match with Alberto Del Rio, is legit. They cut the match and went right to the finish.

* There is no word regarding Mysterio working tonight's show, but the latest news is that he tweaked the knee.

- Some notes on the WWE Summerslam commercial. Chris Masters is featured in the commercial, he was released yesterday. Sin Cara is also in the commercial, and at this time he is suspended, and not expected to be on the card. He is supposed to return to Smackdown next week. The Miz and Kofi Kingston, along with the Bellas are also featured. The Miz is expected to be added to the card, and Kofi Kingston may face Alberto Del Rio on the show.