Shane Helms recently spoke with Brian Fritz of, here are highlights from the interview:

What he has been doing lately as he recovers from his motorcycle accident: “I got the go ahead from the doctor to go ahead and start putting weight on my foot. The bad news with that is I have to start getting into the legal ramifications of the accident. I got charged when I got in the accident but because I was under doctor’s orders, I had to be at home. I haven’t left the house unless to go to a doctor or something like that and then I had to be assisted.

“But I told the authorities that – and they’re very cool with me, they know I’m not a flights risk – I told them whenever I go the OK to move, I’ll come over there and we’ll take care of this. I just got off the phone with my lawyer and we’re going over there tomorrow to go over there and get that out of the way. So there’s your exclusive before it hits the air.”

On the legal charges he faces which includes DUI: “It’s not something I want, I don’t want to drag it out. I kind of just want to go and have it done. That’s why I said as soon as I got the clearance from the doctor I called (my lawyer). It’s something that’s kind of been on my mind and I want to get out of the way. I’ve never been above facing up for any mistake I’ve made. I just want to go ahead and knock it out and move ahead, move forward with it. I learned a huge lesson from this.”

If he has spoken with Matt since his recent arrest and how he is doing: “Matt is going through a time right now. I can’t get down there and I can’t move as much. I wish I was there to talk to him in person so I could get a better gauge of what’s going on. I worry about Matt ? a lot. It’s kind of flipped because Jeff is now ? Jeff has everything together now. He’s really a good father, a really great person.

“And now it just seems like the shoe is on the other foot and Matt is having his difficulties. I’m not even sure what they are. I have an idea but that’s not for me to say. He’s my friend so it’s probably something that, honestly, I wouldn’t say anything. But I do worry about him as I would worry about any friend or loved one.”

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Between The Ropes