Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of Right After Wrestling Radio recently spoke with former TNA Head of Talent Relations Terry Taylor. Here are some highlights:

Who Terry was most proud of signing while in TNA: “I think all roads lead to Kurt Angle. If you’re building a promotion, he’s the guy to build around. AJ Styles has an amazing future. But Kurt is the guy. He does moonsaults off the top of a cage when he has nothing left to prove. He shows up and works hard and always has great ideas for the company. He’s almost generous to fault – where he always tries to make the other guy look as good as he does. Guys like RVD and Sting – who is just getting a new character and is still fun and interesting.”

How many calls Terry made to Pat Patterson before getting a break in the World Wrestling Federation: “I was making $200 a week. I had a wife and kid on the way and I had an 8-year-old son and I needed a job…soon. So I called Pat (Patterson) every Friday at noon for 9 months – 45 phones calls – and I always got the answering machine. And I always left a message. I just said, ‘Pat, this is Terry Taylor. I just wanna let you know I’m eager to work and I’m not asking for a guarantee just an opportunity. If you don’t like me, I’ll leave you alone. But I just want an opportunity.’ And finally Pat calls me back and says, ‘if you promise to never call me again, come to TV on Monday’!”

His feelings on younger guys who didn’t go to the vets for advice: “I found the guys who were willing to listen and ask for advice usually did very well. The guys who thought they already knew everything – you couldn’t tell them anything. Kurt Angle will listen to anybody if he thinks you can actually help him. AJ Styles will listen to people. Sting will listen to people. There are guys who think they know everything. What’s the worst advice you can give? Advice that’s not wanted. Guys who don’t wanna be critiqued just don’t do very good. The ones who do want your advice will do well and those are the guys you make time for.”

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Source: Right After Wrestling