The Original Sin Cara Gone?, Hunico On RAW?, Austin

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-- The documentary portion on WWE's new four-disc Steve Austin DVD set will have a runtime of over 2 and a half hours. A 1990 USWA match between Austin and Gentleman Chris Adams will be included on the set.

-- Tonight's live WWE SmackDown! special will take place from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Confirmed for tonight's show is Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title in a Steel Cage, CM Punk vs. The Great Khali and John Cena vs. Wade Barrett. Sin Cara vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is also being advertised but it's not clear yet if that match will still take place. WWE will also air the NXT Graduates special tonight that will highlight past stars of the show including AJ Lee, Alex Riley, Brodus Clay, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Kaitlyn and Wade Barrett. NXT will air tonight on WWE's website right after the live SmackDown special on SyFy. Join us tonight for live coverage of the SuperSmackDown special at 8pm EST.

-- Hunico was the man behind the Sin Cara mask at last night's RAW. Word going around at RAW was that the original Sin Cara, the former Mistico, is done with the company.

On a related note, word is that the idea of bringing in Averno from Mexico to work with Cara has been dropped.


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