TNA Hardcore Justice: The Pope Vs. Devon (Bound For Glory Series Match)


JB is with The Pope. He asks him about his match with Devon but The Pope is texting on his phone. His mic keeps going in and out so the promo is mostly inaudible. He's talking about Devon's kids but I keep losing sound. Pope says he doesn't know what Devon's problem is. He says he wants to be a positive influence to his kids. The Pope says he's going to go out there and do the right thing.


Bound For Glory Series Match
"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Devon

Matt Morgan is announced as the 'BFG Series Analyst.' He comes out and joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero comes out first and money drops from the ceiling. Devon comes out next for this Bound For Glory Series Match.

The Pope is in the ring with a microphone. Pope tells Devon he respects him and says he just Tweeted it as a matter of fact. He says he looks at Devon as his big brother and expects a lot out of him. Pope says he cares about this BFG thing but he cares a lot more about him and those kids (he points to Devon's kids). Pope lays down in the ring. Devon says he's going to get those points but he's going to whop him for them. He demands that Pope get up.


The Pope gets up, takes off his shirt and the match is underway. They lockup and Devon starts to work the wrist of The Pope. Devon off the ropes with a shoulder block on The Pope. Pope counters but Devon counters with a hiptoss. Two count from Devon on The Pope. Devon tells Pope not to play with him and smacks him in the face.

Devon locks in a wristlock on The Pope. Pope counters with a side headlock. The Pope whips Devon off the ropes and finally lands a cross-body. Pope works the wrist of Devon. The Pope lands offense on Devon. Devon gets up and goes back to work, landing a hiptoss on The Pope. Devon locks in a submission lock on The Pope on the mat.

Devon hits a flying elbow on The Pope after Pope went off the ropes. Devon follows with a power slam followed by a diving headbutt into a lateral press cover for a two count.

Pope gets on the apron, Devon knocks him off and onto the outside. Devon follows him to the outside and ends up running into the steel ring post. The Pope grabs a foreign object and looks over at Devon's sons. Devon counters, throwing Pope off the crowd barricade and rolling him back in the ring for a two count. Devon applies a submission hold on Pope but Pope counters out. Devon counters with a slam and another near fall.


The Pope counters and lands elbows to the head of Devon. He follows with a backhand chop. Pope lands a kick to the back of Devon's head to the outside. Cross-body off the top rope by Pope onto Devon for a two count.

Devon hits a shoulder block in a counter. He charges at Pope but Pope gets out of the way and lands an uppercut. Pop takes down his knee pads and goes for DDE but Devon spears him and gets a two count. The Pope is able to roll up Devon out of nowhere and catch him for the three count.

Winner – 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero

After the match, The Pope tries to shake Devon's hand. Devon passes him by but looks at his kids on his way out of the ring. Devon gets back in the ring and shakes Pope's hand, then gets out of the ring and goes to the back.


JB is backstage with Rob Van Dam. He tells RVD he has a chance to get the first victory over Crimson and lead the standings in the BFG Series. Jerry Lynn walks into the segment and says he's going to be in Rob Van Dam's corner tonight. He says they go way back and he's going to watch his back tonight.