Tough Enough's Jeremiah Riggs Talks Altercation With Dusty Rhodes, Phoniness In FCW & More

Jeremiah Riggs was on Hit the Ropes Radio last night at the top of the second hour. Here are some highlights:

On the promo he cut in FCW that led to an issue with Dusty Rhodes: "I don't know the whole system on how, I guess, things work around here. If you give somebody a microphone and you tell them they've got one minute, go have fun, hey this is your time, do what you need to do. And you've got a guy who goes out there, bar none?there's nothing about Jeremiah Riggs that is like anybody else. I don't have to be the next Stone Cold, I don't need to be the next Triple H, I don't need to do anything but be the one and only up-and-coming, Jerry Riggs. That's the only thing I care about. So after I do what I do, we're having a daggone good time. I might have dropped an F-bomb but hey, I didn't see a big deal in that and I didn't do it again once I was told not to do it. Man, I'm having fun. Even after the altercation with me and Dusty, or whatever he wanted to do, I sat down on the chair, put my hat on my knee and started laughing and said 'Guys, I'm just having fun.' I don't want ya to think that I'm being pissy but hey man, don't someone just going to run over me. I even told them, 'It ain't no disrespect.' It ain't nothing like that. I'm just saying. It would have been better if I had some guidelines.


On phoniness in FCW: "Sometimes locker rooms are just like beauty parlors. It's nothing but a bunch of drama and a bunch gossip. I like to consider myself away from that stuff. That's like after the promo stuff. Don't shake my hand and then whenever something goes down walk past me like, 'I don't know that dude.' That's phony. That's being fake to me."

On having the opportunity to do Tough Enough and wrestling thus far: "I enjoyed the opportunity. I am very pleased to be apart of what I been apart of. Never dreamed in a million years I would have been apart of anything like that. And I pride myself on that. Like I said, we'll see what happens. I'm not promising anything. I'm not writing books and stuff about it but we'll see what happens down the road. I'm not a fortune teller."