Twitter Rants: Matt Hardy's Latest + Goldberg/Crimson Feud

– Matt Hardy posted the following to his Twitter: "The time off from Impact Wrestling has been a blessing in disguise-it's allowed me enough time at home to physically & mentally heal & completely clean up my life. It was needed. I feel great, & the old Matt Hardy feels alive & fresh! And BTW, rumors will always circulate.. But I know the real deal about myself & Jeff when I look in the mirror, & I'm ecstatic about where we're both at. Thanks to everyone who has always supported me-you guys are amazing & I love ya!" Matt denies that they turned down TNA's rehab request.


– Crimson posted the following to his Twitter:

"@Goldberg while you were gettin stretched by @IAmJericho I was dodging bullets for this country..."

Goldberg responded with:

"@OfficialCrimson Who are you again????

"OK people.......I haven't watched wrestling in a while and I have no clue who the new talent please don't ask."

Joseph Samaroo contributed to this article.