Update On Jim Ross Not Calling WWE SummerSlam

It was noted on Sunday that Jim Ross tweeted he would be calling WWE SummerSlam alongside Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Ross obviously didn't call the pay-per-view but was backstage at the event. Ross tweeted the following regarding the SummerSlam snub:

"I'm at Summer Slam on Twitter duty & not broadcasting. Booker's working w/ Cole & king.

"I am at SUMMER SLAM but backstage and not at ringside. Booker adds Smackdown representation not that Cole wouldn't have. I'm twitter man.

"I'm tweeting tonite..not broadcasting. Just happy to be here. :)

"Game time decision to use Booker to rep Smackdown on tonite's Summer Slam & to work with King & Cole. I'm happy for Booker."

Ross had earlier tweeted: "Excited to work w/ Cole & King. Expect some surprise bouts to be added to tonite's PPV."

JR is obviously taking the high road here as he was originally set to call the event.


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