Update On Michael McGillicutty's Name Change Request

Michael McGillicutty, who is the grandson of Larry "The Axe" Hennig and the son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, has been tweeting to fans over the last few days about why he doesn't use his real-name, Joe Hennig.


He re-tweeted the following message from a fan: "Joe Hennig > Michael McGillicutty, RT if you agree, the Hennig name should still be remembered!"

He then tweeted the following:

"For everyone tweeting about my name: The Hennig name will be remembered no matter what my name is.

"Just get ready to witness the next generation and see why we ARE the greatest wrestling family of all time!

"@xxDuke4Everxx: Just remember to never forget where you came from and who you are :) NEVER"

WrestlingInc.com exclusively reported earlier today that McGillicutty suggested to John Laurinaitis that he use his real name last week. He was apparently told something along the lines of, "When you start performing like a Hennig, you can be a Hennig."


You can check out McGuillicutty's website at Joe-Hennig.com.