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    After systematically describing how he’d eliminate the cast of the popular MTV series, former ECW tag champion Danny Doring proudly states he should have been on the show, as he is “a real Jersey shore person.” He belches on-camera, and plows on, stating that he’d not be seen in Seaside NJ, as that’s where the amateurs go.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg as Doring provides fans and detractors the oportunity to laugh with him and at him on the most recent edition of “YouShoot,” the popular shoot DVD series. This House of Hardcore graduate led the charge in the ECW party scene during his tenure there, and he’s not above telling all the stories and naming all the names. Whether it’s cringe-worthy tales of degradation and humiliation of rats, to the ridiculous road stories, Doring is forthcoming with the details and ready to dish dirt.

    Yes, then we’re back to the Jersey Shore for a bit, as we learn Doring’s opinions of The Situation’s sexuality and Snooki’s physical appearance. The “YouShoot” games are played as well. It’s this no holds barred format that has made “YouShoot” the most popular name in shoot DVDs. Kayfabe Commentaries president Sean Oliver says it’s a recipe that works when the right guest is chosen for the show.

    “The most provocative and outspoken guests serve the series best,” Oliver started. “The questions and videos are all from the fans and they want a guest they can get a rise out of, either as their cheerleader, or provocateur. In this edition of the show we tried some new stuff, new games, it’s a little more graphics-heavy which adds something too, I think. The series continues to evolve and gain popularity as it does. We’re proud to claim ownership of the model.”

    The “YouShoot” series has named its next two releases for the Fall with guests Chyna and Tony Atlas?. Producers Kayfabe Commentaries also manage the series “Timeline: History of WWE,” “Timeline: History of ECW,” “Guest Booker,” “Wrestling’s Most…,” and the forthcoming new series “Breaking Kayfabe?,” a more probing and traditional TV style interview which seeks to redefine the wrestling shoot interview.

    “We’re always moving the business in new and exciting directions, but more importantly than that, the end result always delivers” Oliver said. “I think that’s what separates us from those scrambling to keep up.”

    Check out “YouShoot: Danny Doring” and the dozens of other Kayfabe Commentaries shoot DVD releases at or

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    AUSTRALIA- The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is now on worldwide iPPV exclusively at On Demand. Watch “Aussie Mania!” right now featuring the top stars of the Land Down Under. Introduce yourself to the wrestlers of the AWF in a 2 hour plus internet pay per view. Come in intrigued, exit an AWF fan!

    When you order this event you can watch it as many times as you want forever. You can also make money off this show with the affiliate program. Go to Affiliate section for more info.

    We have an exclusive interview with AWF promoter and booker Greg Bownds. Please feel free to use it on your website.

    1) Greg, what is your background?

    GB: I began wrestling professionally in 1994, began promoting live events in 1997, and formed the Australasian Wrestling Federation in 1999. I am the promoter and booker for AWF to this day, and also wrestle as TNT and on occasion as Aussie Ozbone.

    2) Can you give us some background on AWF?

    GB: Since forming in 1999, AWF has run shows primarily in Australia, using the top wrestlers in the country, along with from time to time incorporating some of the best independents from around the world. Our website is at and will give fans a chance to see our wrestlers, results and latest happenings.

    3) Why should people buy “Aussie Mania!” iPPV on on demand?

    GB: People should buy “Aussie Mania!” to see a great show that showcases some of Australia’s best and rising wrestling talents. It will be a good chance for fans internationally to see Australian wrestling possibly for the first time and get to know some of the top wrestlers in our country.

    4) How would you describe the style and influences of AWF?

    GB: AWF is for the most part a hybrid of all major world styles, including US, Puro, Lucha, Brit, with an Australian take. Some of our wrestlers gimmicks are localised to reflect our region. We aim for our show to appeal to all age groups and to bring exciting in ring action in a fun environment.

    5) What talent should new fans look out for and can you give a brief description of that talent?

    GB: The current Australasian Champion is “Iron” Ben Coles. He is AWF’s top fan favourite currently, and even has his own national TV advertisement playing here in Australia. He is youthful, well built, trained under the AWF and Lance Storm? and is good talent. A member of “The Detonation Crew”.

    AWF’s current Young Lion’s Champion Jay Law is another great talent to look out for. Still in his early 20’s he has 7 years of experience, and was trained by AWF, Jesse Hernandez and Dragon Gate Japan. Heads up the “Elite Wrestling” faction.

    Tama Williams of New Zealand is another who has a bright future as he is young, fit and has great in ring presence. He currently heads up “The Multicultural Society” faction.

    Blakestone is a tremendous physical specimen and is world class in his look and intensity in ring.

    For fun Concrete Davidson is a standout. This 1920’s strongman is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face with his old school attitude and wrestling abilities.

    6) Any final thoughts?

    GB: In all AWF has something unique to offer, and we urge wrestling fans worldwide to check out our IPPV’s at as they will provide a chance to see some good wrestling and new talent emanating from Australia. Ultimately, we hope to build a following of international fans and a carve a worldwide identity for Australian wrestling. Hope you can give it a go and join us for the fun ride!

    The lineup for “Aussie Mania!” now showing worldwide at On Demand has:

    Tag Team Showdown
    Tama Williams & The Samoan Warrior vs. “Iron” Ben Coles & U-Gene
    SA vs. NSW
    Mimic vs. Blakestone
    Technical Bout
    Jay Law vs. Mason Childs

    Size vs. Strength
    Massive Q vs. Concrete Davidson

    The Great Aussie Rumble!
    Entry every minute, elimination by pin or over the top rope
    Plus more surprises and excitement!

    For information on the Australasian Wrestling Federation visit

  • Here is a listing of wrestling-related films on Netflix:

    The Almighty Thor – SyFy movie based on the Norse Gods, featuring Kevin Nash? playing Thor’s father Odin.

    The Backyard – Paul Hough’s great 2002 documentary on the world of Backyard wrestling, which won a number of film festival awards. Rob Van Dam is featured in the film as well.

    Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia – The WWE Studios film starring Ken Anderson/Kennedy.

    Below The Belt – The 1980 film starring Regina Baff as Rosa Rubinsky, a waitress who enters the world of professional wrestling. The film features the legendary Mildred Burke, playing herself, as Rubinsky’s trainer.

    Beyond the Mat – Barry Blaustein’s excellent 1999 documentary looking inside professional wrestling, focusing on Mick Foley?, Terry Funk?, Jake Roberts, WWF and ECW.

    The Big Show: A Giant’s Life – WWE’s new 59 minute documentary on the former WWF and WCW World champion.

    Blind Eye – 2006 thriller featuring Roddy Piper? in a supporting role.

    Bobby “The Brain” Heenan – WWE’s documentary on the Hall of Fame manager.

    Bodyslam The Movie – The infamous 1986 comedy starring Dirk Benedict as a manager of a down and out metal band and a down and out tag team (played by Roddy Piper and The Tonga Kid) who merges the two to create a rock and wrestling connection. Captain Lou Albano? and The Wild Samoans play the lead heels in the film, which also features cameos from Ric Flair?, Bruno Sammartino and others.

    Breaking the Code: Chris Jericho? – WWE’s documentary on Jericho’s wrestling career.

    Bret Hart?: Wrestling with Shadows – The 1998 documentary on Bret Hart and Montreal.

    The Bronx Bunny Show – Pretty wacky talk show, including episodes where Chris Jericho and Stacy Keibler? are interviewed.

    Dark Rising – 2007 horror film starring WWE star Christian under his given name Jason Reso?. “When Jason Parks (Landy Cannon) invites his friends and ex-girlfriend on a camping trip with the hopes of reuniting with her, it becomes the outing from hell, as an otherworld portal opens for a long-missing girl, who’s now a battle-ax-wielding woman. Not only will Jason discover that his ex, Jasmine (Vanessa James?), and friend Marlene (Haley Shannon) are a twosome, but also that the bikini-clad warrior woman has demons on her trail.”

    Dead Tides – Roddy Piper stars in this 1997 crime drama as a boat captain Mick, who falls in live with the wife of a drug lord who tricks him into smuggling drugs. When the DEA finds what he’s been doing, he’s forced to go undercover.

    Death Racers – “Four hyped-up teams of contestants compete to win a violent race in this action-packed sci-fi flick. Living in a grim future world in which life is cheap, the racers will do anything to win. Even killing competitors off while pushing their vehicles to go the distance is not against the rules — and is probably the only way to prevail. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse star, along with former WWE star Raven.”

    Degeneration-X: One Last Stand – 2011 WWE DVD release focusing on DX’s final run and Shawn Michaels?’ retirement.

    End Game – the 2009 independent thriller starring Kurt Angle? as a serial killer and Jenna Morasca? as the object of his obsession. Their meeting on this film led to Morasca in TNA.

    Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters – A 1982 film about a female wrestler wanting to retire, but forced to remain in the ring by her mother to help pay for her brother’s surgery. Features an overdubbed dialouge by the infamous Troma Studios.

    Fred The Movie – Nickelodeon film with John Cena in a cameo as the title character’s father.

    Half Past Dead 2 – The 2006 prison riot film starring Bill Goldberg?.

    Hart and Soul – The Hart Family Anthology – WWE’s documentary on the Hart family and their legacy.

    Honor – 2006 film about street gangs featuring Roddy Piper.

    Hunt to Kill – Steve Austin film. “U.S. Border Patrol agent Jim Rhodes? (Austin), a deadly hunter whose only weak spot is his daughter, Kim (Marie Avgeropoulos), is forced to take violent revenge when a group of desperate thieves, led by the wily Banks (Gil Bellows?), kidnaps Kim after a robbery. Banks demands that Rhodes lead them on foot through treacherous terrain to freedom across the border, but when he’s crossed, Rhodes can’t contain his fury.”

    Jefftowne – 1998 documentary about wrestling fan featuring scene with Hulk Hogan?.

    The John Cena Experience – WWE’s documentary followng Cena’s career and lifestyle.

    Knock Knock – 2007 horror film featuring former TNA and WWE star Trinity among those in the cast.

    Knucklehead – WWE Studios film starring Big Show.

    Legendary – WWE Studios film starring John Cena.

    Lipstick & Dynamite – Ruth Leitman’s fun 2004 documentary on the pioneers of women’s wrestling, including Penny Banner?, Mae Young?, The Fabulous Moolah?, Gladys “Kill ’em” Gillem and more.

    Luchamania: La Batalla por Mexico: Listed as a 2008 release, Luchamania features a series of matches between Rey Misterio Sr?. and Psicosis.

    MadBull – The 1977 film starring Alex Karas (years before he became Webster’s dad on TV) as “Mad Bull” Karkus, a tormented pro wrestler whose personal life has been on the skids since his wife abandoned him because of his controversial career. Yet his interest in love reignites when he meets fellow Greek Christina Sebastiani. Christina’s sensitive concern convinces Mad Bull that he can be loved for more than his fame and fortune, but a deranged stalker threatens his newfound peace.”‘

    Maz Jobrani: Brown and Friendly – Iranian-American comedian does his shtick, including an appearance from The Iron Sheik.

    Muay-Thai Giant – Former WWE star Nathan Jones as gentle giant Barney Emerald, who’s mugged and robbed on a vacation trip to Thailand and ends up being rescued and taken in by two Thai sisters in this comic martial arts saga. One of the sisters, Dokya (Sasisa Jindamanee), is a champion in the art of muay thai kickboxing, which Barney eventually learns and uses — with the girls’ help — to take revenge on the thugs who robbed him.

    Mystery Science Theater: Racket Girls – The MST treatment for this female wrestling film, featuring Clara Mortensen, Rita Martinez and Peaches Page, among others.

    The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens – Roddy Piper appears as a pawn shop owner in this 2008 family film about a boy who finds a magic wand.

    Nanny Insanity – Roddy Piper has a role in this 2006 comedy. “Hiring a nanny sounds like the perfect fix for Marsha (Cynthia Preston?) and David McMillan (Larry Dorf), who are already saddled with stress and now have a brand-new baby on the way. But when their hired help (Alla Korot) arrives from the Ukraine, she imports a whole new set of problems. Howard Hesseman? and Mindy Sterling? co-star in this independent comedy based on screenwriter Andrea Malamut’s own experiences as a first-time mother.”

    Night and The City – The 1950 film tells the story of Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark?), a two-bit hustler who dreams of the good life provided by money. He’s tried a lot of go-nowhere schemes but he has what he believes is a chance of a lifetime. He plans to take control of the professional wrestling game from promoter and underworld boss Kristo (Herbert Lom?) by manipulating him through his father, the retired wrestling superstar Gregorius (Stanislaus Zbyszko?, yes that one).

    Ninja’s Creed – WWE’s Gail Kim stars as an assassin in this action film – “To restore peace to his Himalayan homeland, courageous warrior Adam (Alexander Wraith) must prevent an overpowering female assassin (Kim) from murdering Jan (Lalaine), an average American teenager unaware that she’s a princess and heir to Adam’s faraway kingdom. Jam-packed with tense shootouts, chases and sword fights, this adrenaline-filled action movie also features Pat Morita? and Eric Roberts.”

    The Other Guys – Will Ferrell comedy featuring Dwayne Johnson as hotshot police officer partnered with Samuel L. Jackson in the early sequences.

    Planet 51 – Animated film featuring Dwayne Johnson as an astronaut trying to get off a planet he’s been stranded on.

    Ready to Rumble – The 2000 WCW film that many would soon prefer to forget, which also spawned David Arquette?’s WCW World title win. Oliver Platt? stars as an exiled wrestling star who is brought back to prominence by Arquette and Scott Caan. A ton of WCW personalities from that time period, including Goldberg, are featured.

    Ricky Steamboat – WWE documentary on one of the greatest babyfaces of all time.

    The Rise and Fall of WCW – WWE’s documentary on the late, great World Championship Wrestling?.

    The Roast of David Hasselhoff – Hulk Hogan is among the presenters (and gets quite a skewing himself) at this Comedy Central event.

    The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment – WWE DVD release on Dwayne Johnson.

    Saturday Night Live: Season 10 – featuring the episode Hulk Hogan and Mr. T shared guesting duties to promote Wrestlemania.

    Saturday Night Live: Season 25 – featuring The Rock’s hosting and appearances by Vince McMahon?, Big Show, Mick Foley, and Triple H to promote Wrestlemania 16.

    The Scorpion King – Dwayne Johnson’s first starring role as the doomed warrior in this 2002 action film.

    Southland Tales – Johnson stars as a man suffering from amnesia who may hold a secret in this post-apocolyptic 2006 film.

    Starz Inside Hollywood Goes Gaming – Dwayne Johnson is among those interviewed.

    Super Mario Bros?. Super Show – Lou Albano stars as Mario in this animated series.

    Sting – A Moment of Truth – The 2004 Christian Faith-based “documentary” on the career and spiritual life of WCW and TNA star Sting, who plays himself in the film.

    Super Mario Bros. Supershow – 80s cartoon series starring Lou Albano as Mario.

    That’s What I Am – WWE Studios’ best reviewed film to date, the 60s period drama looks at tolerance. Randy Orton? is very good in his supporting role. By far, the most soul to any WWE film and worth checking out.

    They Live – The classic 1988 John Carpenter film starring Roddy Piper in his breakout role as John Nada, an umemployed construction worker who comes across proof that aliens have subverted our entire global culture. The film features one of all the time greatest fight scenes ever when Piper takes on Keith David’s character Frank.

    3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain – Comedy film for kids featuring Hulk Hogan joining the “Ninjas”

    True Story of Wrestlemania – WWE’s excellent two hour documentary on Wrestlemania’s birth and history.

    Wrong Side of Town – “After ex-Navy Seal Bobby Kalinowsky (Rob Van Dam?) accidentally kills a man who accosted his wife in a club, the slain man’s brother puts a $100,000 bounty on his head in this action flick packed with wrestling superstars. With every thug in the city gunning for him, Bobby has to rely on his combat survival training and his old friend Ronnie (Batista) to keep himself and his family alive.” The former Viscera also appears as one of the many thugs in RVD’s path.

    Woodshop – 2010 comedy about a High School student who must complete detention on Saturday in order to graduate. Jesse Ventura? plays the Woodshop teacher overseeing the proceedings.