What Happened After RAW Last Night + More

Credit: Ramon Avila & PWInsider

I went to the Raw taping last night in San Diego. In case it didn't come through on TV Rey Mysterio was the most over star on the show by far in his hometown. John Cena and CM Punk got great applause too.


There was no dark match.

For Superstars:
Santino Marella beat Primo with The Cobra.
Zack Ryder beat Drew McIntyre. I was surprised to see McIntyre on Superstars.

After Raw ended:
John Cena called for Alberto Del Rio to come to the ring and started to go to the back. CM Punk came out and forced Alberto into the ring. Cena and Punk hit their finishers on Alberto and grabbed the WWE Title. Ricardo tried to get it and they wouldn't let him have it. They then left the ring together with the title.