WWE House Show Results From Boise, ID (8/6) - Orton Vs. Christian

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader "Master of Dolphins" for sending in these results from WWE's house show in Boise, Idaho on Saturday.

I'm an avid reader of WrestlingInc and was live at the Boise house show. By the way, my twitter account is @AmericanDolphin (cheap plug.)

To begin the show, there was a battle royal with about 15 men. The winner would receive an Intercontinental Championship shot later on.

Cody Rhodes eliminated Daniel Bryan after he eliminated Wade Barrett to win the Royal Rumble. Reminiscent of the Royal Rumble 2009 finish.

The guest diva host comes out, but is interrupted by Natalya Neidhart. AJ, who is extremely small (but cute) in person, comes out which leads to a match.

AJ def. Natalya in a very long match.

The third match was Great Khali & Jinder Mahal vs. The Usos. Basic action with the heels dominating until one of the Usos gets the hot tag. House of fire comeback by one of the Usos until Khali interferes. Mahal then hits the full-nelson-slam for the win. Khali is immense in real life.

Daniel Bryan def. Wade Barrett by submission via LaBell Lock. Barrett is surprisingly tall.

There was a dance-off, where the kid obviously won.


Cody Rhodes came out to the ring and referenced Goldust being his brother. He then trashed Zeke as the I.C. Champion. Ezekiel Jackson came out to a decent pop.

Rhodes did a lot of bumping for Jackson who got the win with the Torture Rack.

Sheamus def. Mark Henry by disqualification after Henry grabbed a chair and went berserk. Sheamus got no reaction whatsoever as the crowd didn't know whether he was a babyface or a heel.

Christian came out and cut a promo before Randy Orton's music hits. The crowd went wild. Basic house show street fight with them introducing a kendo stick. Rhodes then tried to interfere on Christian's behalf which led to Christian hitting the Killswitch to retain the title. Post-match, Orton RKOed both Rhodes & Christian.

Good house show, with a weak crowd. Lots of Punk & Cena t-shirts in the crowd, with most of the younger kids wearing Cena shirts and the adults wearing "Best in the World" shirts.

Some other notes:

- Johnny Curtis was in the battle royal.
- Rhodes got huge heat when he made his entrance to the point where you almost couldn't hear his entrance music. A future main eventer for sure. Wish I could say the same about Tyson Kidd, who wasn't even advertised.

Master of Dolphins contributed to this article.


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