WWE House Show Results From Stockton, CA (8/7) - Punk Vs. Del Rio, Orton Vs. Christian

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Tom Dempsey for sending in these results from Sunday's house show in Stockton, CA:

I was at the Stockton, CA house show for Raw & Smackdown tonight. The arena was about half full, but a hot crowd.


Match 1 – 18 Man Battle Royal (winner gets fed to Jackson for the IC belt) didn't see all who was in it, for sure though it was Rhodes, Swagger, the Usos, Daniel Bryan, Otunga, Riley, Barret etc... for the finish, Riley dumps Barret, but Rhodes had been lurking outside the whole time dumps Riley. When he tries to put the bag on Riley, Zeke comes out and we get right into....

Match 2 – Ezekiel Jackson defeated Cody Rhodes to retain IC title.

Match 3 – Dolph Ziggler defeated Evan Bourne to retain US title.

Match 4 – Kelly and Eve defeated Natalia and Beth Phoenix

Right before intermission, they held a dance contest which some kid won, the prize was to go backstage and meet a superstar.

Match 5 – CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio (non title). Del Rio really worked the crowed well coming back from the break. Took almost 10 minutes to start the match.


Match 6 – Kofi Kingston and John Morrison defeated R Truth and Jack Swagger. Double duty for Swagger tonight. Rey was supposed to be Morrison's partner, but was jumped by Truth and Swagger before the match for the injury angle and Kofi demanded to sub for him.

Match 7 – Christian defeated Randy Orton to retain World Title in a street fight. Fun back and forth match. As Orton is looking for the punt, Cody Rhodes runs in and distracts him long enough for Christian to recover and hit the Killswitch. Both get the RKO post-match.

Overall a very good house show, hopefully they bring a TV taping to Stockton soon.

Tom Dempsey contributed to this article.