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Triple H’s music hits and we’re off!

Triple H says the entire landscape of the business will change after this Sunday. Triple H says that there is only one guy that can make sure that there is a winner, and that man is him, and he will be the referee for the match and there will only be one undisputed champion leaving SummerSlam. Triple H says that before the contract signing between John Cena and CM Punk later tonight, they both will have matches, and Cena’s is now (he doesn’t reveal the opponent).

Cena’s music hits and he enters the ring and has words with Triple H about him being the referee this Sunday. Triple H and Cena exchange a few words before The Game leaves the ring. Cena’s match is next.

Back from commercial, and Jack Swagger is Cena’s opponent.

They replay the exchange between Cena and HHH, and Cena tells HHH that it’s an ego thing why he’s officiating. Triple H replies that what happens this Sunday will be what he wants to happen.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger

Cena beat Swagger clean with the AA.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz is announced for tonight.

Back from commercial, and the classic match between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect is featured in the SummerSlam rewind.

Backstage, and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, who will face CM Punk tonight. Del Rio says Punk is gutless for running from him after the Money In The Bank PPV.

R-Truth is interviewed backstage and is asked why he turned his back on his friend. R-Truth starts asking a bunch of questions, like why God created spiders and why he doesn’t like spiders. Truth says he’s going to step on a spider tonight, and that spider’s name is John Morrison.

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio is up next.

Mysterio’s music hits and he starts heading to the ring. Before he can get far, Miz ambushes him on the stage and repeatedly rams his head on the stage. Miz then charges at Mysterio and nails him with a kick, taking him out. Miz then walks to the ring and Michael Cole says he’s going to ask Miz what that was all about.

Miz is in the ring, and Cole starts to talk before Miz snatches the mic from him. Miz is upset that he’s not booked for SummerSlam, and says the emphasis should be on him, not the WWE Championship match. Miz says that he did that to get some attention, and he wants a referee to come down and name him the winner of this match by forfeit. An official runs down and whispers something to the timekeeper. The announcer says that instead of a forfeit, Triple H has announced that The Miz will compete in a new match right now. Miz paces the ring and Kofi Kingston’s music hits.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Miz defeated Kingston clean with the skull crushing finale.

CM Punk is shown walking to the ring backstage. Josh Matthews stops Punk and asks for his thoughts on HHH refereeing the title match. Punk concurs with what Cena earlier, saying that Triple H is doing it because of ego and that it’s good for business for him to win the title. He then says he’s going to show Del Rio what would have happened if their match at MITB would have happened.

Back from break, and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. Punk comes out to a better-than-average response from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

Some “CM Punk” chants early on that got louder as the match went on. The crowd is fairly quiet, which is kind of surprising with it being Punk’s first match since winning the WWE title at MITB. Punk slid out of an arm-bar attempt and nailed Del Rio with a kick to the head and followed up with a GTS to get the clean pin.

A promo for NBC’s WrestleMania special this Saturday aired.

A recap of Beth Phoenix attacking Kelly Kelly after last week’s Diva’s battle royal is shown.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve

Phoenix dominated the majority of the match and got the win with the “Glam-Slam.” After the match, Phoenix took the mic and said that she was sick of divas like Eve and Kelly Kelly making a mockery of the divas division and there would be no more booty shaking, stink faces or splits. As she was heading to the back, she started to talk some more but Kelly Kelly nailed Phoenix with a belt shot from behind. Kelly then tended to Eve as Phoenix looked on.

Footage of the Miz and John Cena at the Teen Choice Awards was shown.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alex Riley

Riley makes a lame joke about Vickie’s breath before the match started. Match ended quickly when Vickie slapped Riley, giving him the DQ win. After the match, Riley decked Ziggler and left the ring while Vickie flipped out, with Ziggler yelling that he was ridiculous. Vickie took off and her and her and Ziggler continued yelling at each other, and Jerry Lawler hinted that their relationship may be over.

A recap is shown of the Cena – Punk title situation.

R-Truth vs. John Morrison

R-Truth pinned John Morrison clean with his finisher. Morrison continues to get buried.

John Laurinitis is backstage going over the contract with Triple H as we head to break. Hopefully they deliver in this last segment, because it’s been a lackluster show so far. The dead crowd isn’t helping matters, but even the announcers seem tired.

In the WWE.com poll, 54% thinks John Cena will leave WWE SummerSlam with the WWE Championship, with 46% for CM Punk.

Christian is interviewed backstage and says that he is going to make a big announcement on SmackDown! this week, and Triple H should be there.

Triple H and John Laurinitis are in the ring for the contract signing and CM Punk’s music hits. Punk enters the ring and lays back in a corner. Cena’s music hits and he’s out next.

Punk takes the mic and says the match is more or less official, and they should cut to the chase and beat each other up. Punk says he has a clip from a big movie star, not one like HHH in “The Chaperone.” Triple H asks Punk how his movie did, and Punk says it went straight to DVD just like his to a big pop. Punk then shows Rock’s old promo from a few weeks ago that we had posted (link).

Punk then thanks Dwayne for sending the video from his Facebook and says both Cena and Dwayne are phony. Cena then touts Rock’s accomplishments, and wonders why he’s so angry with him when he’s so successful. Punk cuts off Cena, saying he didn’t want to talk about the Rock. Cena goes on saying that Punk may think he’s too PG, etc. Cena says that he will never win over The Rock’s fans, and he will never win over Punk’s fans. Cena then uses the New York Yankees analogy, and says that he may be, since the Yankees are the most beloved and hated team in baseball. Cena says he’s not concerned with the haters, but he cares about the people who are on his side and that there is nothing phony about that. Cena says that Punk is throwing stones in a glass house and says he’s phony.

Triple H interrupts and says for all of Punk’s “holier-than-thou” stuff, he was gutless for the way he left and came back. Punk then says that speaking of gutless, and asked if Laurinitis fired Koslov, Chris Masters and Harry Smith to their face, and that Triple H has Laurinitis do his dirty work. He then said that this isn’t about them, but it’s about Punk and Cena. Punk talks about how Cena is given every opportunity. Punk talks about how Cena congratulated Punk after winning the ECW championship and said, “I almost gave up on you.” Punk said he holds grudges, and rips Cena for being a failed bodybuilder, while he has to fight for his opportunities. “CM Punk” chants broke out. Punk says that Cena won the WWE title 7 years ago in L.A., but this Sunday from L.A. he’s walking out with nothing. He says he’ll still be a big star after Sunday, but he won’t be WWE Champion. Punk then signs the contract.

Cena is all smiles and asks Punk if he knows how much pressure is on him. He says that Punk won one match, and says that Punk needs this match and if Punk doesn’t back it up, he’s a “loudmouth one-hit wonder.” He says that all of this is gone if he doesn’t produce on Sunday, and then signed the contract and wished Punk “good luck.” Punk said “luck is for losers” and he’d rather be a “one-hit wonder than a phony.” Cena then says that it’s time to get to business, and Punk obliges. Cena throws over the table, and Punk and Cena get in each other’s faces. Laurinitis separated them, and Punk nailed him with a kick. Triple H then went to intervene, and Cena charged at Punk but nailed Triple H. HHH and Cena got into a brief scuffle while Punk walked off. Triple H and Cena stood in the ring while Punk walked off asking if the fix was in.

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