WWE SummerSlam: Christian Vs. Randy Orton (World Title Match)

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No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton

Christian takes the mic and says that he will keep his promise about having a big announcement, and introduces Edge, who will be in his corner tonight. Edge's music hits, and he comes out with shorter hair than the last time we saw him.

Edge enters the ring and takes the mic. He thanks the crowd for his ovation. He says that he will never be physically able to compete again, but that he was happy to pass the torch to Christian and he was proud of him for winning the championship. He then talked about how Christian kept complaining and kept getting rematches and finally won the title via DQ. Edge says he did some bad things in the ring, but he always did it with style and wasn't boring and didn't hide behind lawyers and suits. Edge says that somewhere along the line, he became a disgrace to himself and that he didn't know that his best friend would become a "whining, crying, moaning little b---h" and took off to the back while Christian screamed at him to come back. Randy Orton's music hits and he heads to the ring.

The match went into the stands early. Once they got back to the ring, Christian got a hold of a kendo stick and beat Orton with it. He missed a shot, which sent the stick out of the ring, but continued to dominate the match.

Christian grabbed the kendo stick again and came off the top rope, but was met with a dropkick in mid-air. Orton capitalized, nailing Christian with a powerslam before gaining control of the kendo stick, only for it to be knocked away moments later.

Later in the match, Orton introduces a table in the ring, and Christian sets up another one outside of the ring. Orton superplexed Christian on the table, which was flat on the mat, and got a two count. Orton then set the table up in the corner, which was already cracked, and went to throw Christian through it, but Christian was able to get out. Christian motioned for a spear but Orton dodged, and Christian threw him outside of the ring. Once outside, Orton threw Christian into the steps. Orton set the steps up on the ring apron, but Christian was the one who would use it, knocking Orton's head in the the steps.

Christian dragged Orton the the Spanish announce table and nailed him in the head with a monitor. Christian then put Orton on top of the table and picked him up, but Orton hit Christian with the RKO, breaking the table.

Back in the ring and Orton went for an RKO, but Christian reversed and hit the killswitch for a two count! Christian went outside the ring and grabbed two chairs, seemingly for a "con-chairto." Christian put a chair behind Orton's head and spit on him, and then went to nail him with the chair but Orton moved out of the ring. Orton grabbed the chair and nailed Christian on the back, and then with another shot that knocked Christian off of the ring apron through the table on the outside that was setup earlier in the match.

Orton threw the ring steps in the ring and then went under the ring and grabbed a bunch of weapons and threw them in the ring. Orton placed Christian's head on the steps and went to stomp on it, but Christian moved out of the way but ended up powerslammed through the table in the corner. Orton then grabbed the kendo stick and started to tee off on Christian's back. He followed up with a DDT on the trash can. Christian recovered and jumped on the ropes, but was met with an RKO on the steps! Orton covered and got the three count. Great match.

Randy Orton defeated Christian to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.


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