Bobby Lashley Signs New MMA Deal - Details

Bobby Lashley (6-1 MMA) and Shark Fights have verbally agreed to a three-fight deal. Lashley's first fight has not been announced at this time, but it is expected to take place in Missouri in November. Lashley attended Missouri Valley College. Shark Fights CEO, Bud Brutsman had the following to say to FOX Sports about the dealů

"It's going to be big for us. When you're a little organization you need to make some noise, and Bobby is the perfect one to make some noise. There is nobody better than him right now that's out there. By signing Bobby were saying we're willing to put our money out there to make it happen, and bring in and sign the bigger-name talent, and not just has-beens and nobodies."

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Source: FOX Sports


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