Breaking Updates: Jeff Hardy To Jail + Probation/Fines

We noted earlier here on the website that TNA star Jeff Hardy was in court this morning in Moore County, North Carolina. He plead guilty to three felony drug charges. They include:

* Two counts of intent to distribute a controlled substance.
* one count of conspiracy to traffic in a compound containing opium.


These charges are from his September 11, 2009 arrest when police acted on a tip and raided his house. In exchange for pleading guilty, the other counts against Jeff were dropped.

Just to recap:

* Hardy will serve 10 days in jail and will pay a $100,000 fine.

* Hardy will then serve 30 months of probation. If Hardy violates probation, he'll likely be sent to jail.

* We're not sure when he'll start his 10 day sentence yet.

* Hardy has agreed to remain in a drug abuse treatment program.

* Jeff requested that he be allowed to travel outside North Carolina so he can continue working for TNA. That request was granted.

* Jeff Hardy returns to TNA iMPACT! tonight.