— Chris Masters, “Diamond” Dallas Page and Beth Phoenix were recently interviewed on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show which airs on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. on Fridays at midnight. You can check out the interviews at this link.

— NFL.com blogger Adam Rank showed CM Punk some love in his most recent blog at this link.

— As noted earlier, I will be on WZR Radio tonight at 8 PM ET to discuss this past Sunday’s Night Of Champions PPV. We will have the link for the show up on the site later today. You can send me any questions or thoughts on the PPV to my Twitter at twitter.com/RajGiri_303 and I’ll try to address them on the show tonight. You can also check out my appearance on the latest edition of the “Wrestling Voice” podcast by clicking here.

Daniel Cole sent this in regarding WWE confiscating signs at this past Sunday’s Night Of Champions PPV: WWE was all over the place taking away signs at the PPV in Buffalo. I was sitting in the front row for the event and I continually watched as WWE producers walked around snatching up signs from people. But what happened to my good friend stunned me. He was the one with the sign that said “Wish Benoit Was Here.” A producer from WWE took his sign, then proceeded to tell two security guards sitting right in front of me to have him kicked out of the building. Taking away a sign is one thing, but that should not result in being ejected from the arena. And even though my friend went willingly, the security guards own words, not mine… another member of security roughed him up a bit as he escorted him outside. My buddy is livid at what happened and has a nice mark near his right eye from the security guard bullying him out the door. We have pictures to prove it, and my buddy ended up filing a complaint with the arena at the suggestion of the security guard that was sitting in front of us after we saw him leaving the arena for the evening.

Daniel Cole contributed to this article.