Eric Bischoff Lashes Out At Matt Hardy - Details

Eric Bischoff stated on this week's episode of Monday Night Mayhem that some TNA Wrestling officials wanted to cut ties with Matt Hardy prior to his arrest on August 20, 2011 for driving while intoxicated. Hardy, who was on suspension with the organization at the time, had his contract immediately terminated following the arrest.


"I think it was a great decision by TNA to release Matt Hardy. I honestly thought Matt was a questionable talent to begin with, not that he didn't have any value. In my opinion, there was a liability there, and it manifested itself," Bischoff said.

"We've see how Matt's issues and the baggage he brought to TNA evolved in the last few months, and there a few people that wanted to pull the plug on Matt Hardy sooner than they did. I think once TNA made the decision to pull the plug, I was quite honestly happy about it and thought it was long overdue."