Kurt Angle Won't Let WWE List Go, More From Jarrett Interview

– Kurt Angle continues to express his displeasure over the recent WWE Top 50 Superstars list, in which he was ranked #34. After slamming the list last week, Angle apologized and noted that he was proud to be listed. He also wrote, "Impact Wrestling is about connecting w/ fans. Wwe is not same but I Love Vince Mcmahon always Will. GOD ..."


Angle is back to hating on the list, writing last night, "Hulk Hogan should Be #1 on Wwe top 50. Hello?"

– We posted an interview yesterday that Jeff Jarrett and Eric Young did for WOIO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cleveland. For those of you who didn't watch it, Jarrett was very candid in the interview and talked about TNA's attempt at a Monday Night war with WWE last year, saying "we would have never known if we hadn't tried." He cited Spike TV's smaller market share compared to USA and the fact that Raw was live and Impact was taped as reasons for the low ratings.

While Jarrett is the founder of TNA Wrestling, he claims he wasn't involved with the removal of the 6-sided ring, and that it is "near and dear to his heart". Eric Young said he had no idea there were plans to go back to the 4-sided ring, he showed up to work one day and the 6-sided ring was gone.


Jarrett also cleared up some confusion about whether the company is called TNA Wrestling or Impact Wrestling, saying they are "in a transition period" and for now it's "a little bit of both".

When asked who they thought was the best wrestler in the world is right now, they both said Kurt Angle. Jeff Jarrett says despite their history, there is no animosity between him and Angle.

You can check out the interview below:

Coby contributed to this article.