Linda McMahon Senate Update, Austin Featured, JBL's Return?

– Steve Austin is featured on the cover of the new issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine.

– JBL is teasing a potential new TV project on his Twitter. He wrote: "Turned down a ton of projects and all appearances over the last two years- got a TV show potential today that was interesting. We'll see."


– We reported last night that the New York Times reports that Linda McMahon will officially announce her 2012 Senate bid in the next week. Linda spent $50 million of her own money on the failed 2010 campaign. Sources close to Linda's campaign report that this time, she plans to raise money from private donors instead of depending strictly on her own money. One of the reasons Linda is taking this approach this time is because last year, she received criticism that she was using her wealth to buy a Senate seat. Linda has been interviewing people for her campaign and reaching out for support to top Republicans over the past few weeks. Someone close to Linda said, "The response has been strong."


– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on July 23rd in Pittsburgh, PA drew 3,562 fans for $155,007.
* RAW on August 5th in Salt Lake City, UT drew 3,498 fans for $137,279.
* SummerSlam on August 14th in Los Angeles drew a sellout 14,105 fans for $1,008,150.
* RAW on August 15th in San Diego, CA drew 6,103 fans for $263,640.
* SmackDown on September 1st in Nimes, France drew 5,500 fans for $450,000.
* RAW on September 2nd in San Juan, PR drew 11,000 fans for $450,000.
* SmackDown on September 2nd in Geneva, Switzerland drew 4,500 fans for $430,000.
* RAW on September 3rd in Trenton, NJ drew 5,700 fans for $175,000.
* SmackDown on September 3rd in Paris, France drew 13,000 fans for $980,000.
* RAW on September 4th in Wheeling, WV drew 3,500 fans for $110,000.
* SmackDown on September 4th in Paris, France drew 5,700 fans for $480,000.