Mason Ryan Joins Twitter, Domino Speaks Out, Trish

-- Trish Stratus is advertised for a rare U.S. autograph signing at George's Cards & Collectibles in the Oxford Valley Mall 2300 E. Lincoln Hwy Ste 220A Langhorne, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 29 from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. Visit for more information or call 215-943-2475.

-- Mason Ryan is on Twitter at He confirmed the account as legitimate by posting a photo of himself displaying the web address.

-- Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of Aftermath Radio on spoke with former WWE Superstar Cliff Compton, aka Domino. Here are the highlights:

Working in Nigeria and his experience: "I read Foley's book (Have a Nice Day) way back in the day and that's all I really knew about working in Nigeria and Mick didn't really have the greatest story of working over there - and he went in the '80's so it must have been crazier because it was crazy when I went. I ended up going because (Luke) Gallows contacted me about going over and the money was pretty decent so I went. The flight was over 11 hours - in coach. It's a 3rd World country and kind of lawless. 'Super Domino (Cliff Compton) vs. The Great Power Uti' in a boxing ring in the national stadium that holds over 85,000 - we were only expecting 85."

Working with The Great Power Uti: "The guy is north of 60 and they refer to matches as 'fights'. And this guy is so respected, he's in the government and a reverend in his off time. He actually plays the saxophone on the way to the ring. And the press conference was so ridiculous because he was in full gear, I thought 'this was so lame' - but they showed that all through Nigeria. Now a promoter in Chicago may want to do 'Super Domino vs. The Great Power Uti' with Colt Cabana as the ref and Gallows is in my corner."


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