More From Steve Austin - Sting/Hogan, Tough Enough, WrestleMania

As noted earlier, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has a new interview up with The Sun. Here are some more highlights:

Working WrestleMania 27: "Mania was a lot of fun. If you can't be one of the guys in the ring competing, why not be the guy who is pulling the strings in there instead? I enjoyed the experience and it's always fun to be in a WWE ring. I really get the fans and they still appreciate what I've done and continue to do. WWE has changed, it was a lot edgier in my day, but things do move on and that was my time I guess."

A second season of Tough Enough: "It's fun being closer to wrestling again. I loved Tough Enough and hear there may be a second series. If a few other things get ironed out in the company first, I'd say it's a good 95 per cent guaranteed. My Involvement was a lot more hands on than I expected and I enjoyed that. Wrestling is part of my system. I don't miss the bumps, the travel grind or the pain, but I do enjoy it when I get back and feel the rush of being in front of a crowd."

Thoughts on Sting vs. Hulk Hogan: "I'll be honest, I hadn't heard about Hogan v Sting. That will be interesting too, I mean Hogan had back surgery didn't he? They are both great guys. I'm a fan of Sting's and he can still go with the best of them. I know Hogan well and he still has it when he needs it. It will be a very interesting night at the office that one and I will most certainly be watching Bound For Glory to see how it works out."

"I get annoyed when people say that such and such should retire, or they shouldn't compete due to injury or age. I know how it works and many of these guys find it hard to stay out of the ring. Hogan, for example, was put on this world to be there. There may often be money involved when guys step back in the ring, but it's more about their need to be there than the financial rewards. The other thing is that there are so few people coming up through the ranks who can match the success of guys like Hulk, Flair, Sting or myself. Cena may be the only one who has reached that level I've yet to see another hit that peak yet."

Source: The Sun


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