Rosa Mendes Continues Twitter Rant On 'Rookie Divas'

Rosa Mendes, who has not appeared on WWE programming since SummerSlam, posted several messages on Twitter Saturday and Sunday disparaging the 'Rookie Divas' of WWE, specifically A.J.

She wrote Saturday: "But what one thing I don't miss is looking at rookies that call themselves divas when they can't get a hold of some proactive to clear their awful skin up, and start dressing like actual Divas instead of shopping at consignment stores in the kid section. You want to be a Diva? Look like one AJ. You look like a cashier that works at my local grocery store. Why you are on the roster boggles my mind!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get back in the ring and actually have a worthy opponent!"


She added Sunday: "Awwwww u guys are mad @ me. You love AJ because she looks ordinary just like you. Divas are not suppose to look ordinary."

"This is what you call a Diva! Rookieeees???? Pleeeeeeeease. Hahaha."

"If i'm making people upset, I don't really care. I'm sick of seeing the Divas division ruined by these rookies. Sexy, smart, powerful!"

"Stay in FCW and stop shopping at Target chicas!"

"One rookie looks 12 with a crater face, one looks like she is 40 and the other one looks like she needs to go on Jenny Craig. You know who you are! Lol"

"All I have to say is. Have respect, look the part and pleeeeeeeeaaaase stay in FCW as long as you can."

"One more thing, I have someone that can make you guys gear, because your gear looks like SH**t."


Responding to a post from, Mendes reasoned her outburst with the following: "something happened, if you knew you would understand. Don't stop loving me:) Rosa Mendes doesn't go on a rant for no reason."