**SPOILERS** TNA IMPACT! Results For 9/29

Source: Pwinsider.com

Donald Jardin was at the Impact Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday night for the taping for Impact airing on September 29, 2011:

The show starts with Sting in the ring and he has Bobby Roode come to the ring. Sting says that he is looking at the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. AJ Styles comes to the ring and he discusses his time as the World Champion and then he talks about how it has been a while since he has had a chance to become the World Champion again. AJ tells Roode to take advantage of this title match against Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.


Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and he discusses Bobby Roode's match tonight against AJ Styles as Roode continues to wrestle the members of Fortune leading into Bound for Glory.

Match Number One: Brian Kendrick defeated Jesse Sorensen, Kid Kash, Alex Shelley, and Zema Ion in a Ladder Match to become the Number One Contender for the TNA X Division Title to face Austin Aries at Bound for Glory. TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries was doing commentary during this match.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett come to the ring and they call out Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks and they come to the ring. Jarrett introduced himself to Kazarian and said that he handpicked Kazarian off of the independent circuit. Jarrett says that he called Kazarian out for jumping ship to "the other company" and when he got released over not getting the spotlight, Jarrett says that he rehired Kazarian because Kazarian begged for it. Jeff called Traci a skank and said that after what he did for Traci, Traci disrespected Karen. Jeff says they are both ungrateful bastards. TNA referees come out to separate Jeff, Karen, Frankie, and Traci. Jarrett said that he is going to make their lives miserable starting tonight.


Jeff tells Kazarian to take that Tennessee whore, but Kazarian stops Jarrett with a punch. TNA Security and the agents try to separate the four, but Gunner shows up and lays Kazarian out with an F5. TNA Security get Jeff, Karen, and Gunner out of the ring while they tend to Kazarian.

Backstage, Anarquia is with the rest of Mexican America and he is getting a tattoo. Anarquia sends Rosita and Sarita to get tequila. Anarquia asks the tattoo lady to send the people in to give him the tattoo. Ink Inc shows up and they attack Hernandez and Anarquia. After a brief brawl, Ink Inc are standing tall while Hernandez and Anarquia are down.

Shannon grabs the ink pen and he gives Anarquia a tattoo while Jesse pushed the camera away. Jesse says that you don't want to see this and we hear Anarquia screaming.

Ink Inc come out for a match, but Mexican America jumps them and lays them out. Rosita and Sarita spray paint "MA" on Moore and Neal's backs.

Match Number Two: Madison Rayne defeats Tara with a roll up and extra leverage with her feet on the ropes in a "Queen's Qualifying Match" to face Winter, Velvet Sky, and Mickie James for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory. Throughout the match, Madison was flirting with referee Earl Hebner to try to get her way in the match. It appeared to work because Earl stopped Tara from using closed fists during the match. Madison accidentally hit Earl and Earl then let Tara have her way, but Madison was still able to get the win.


Crimson comes to the ring and he calls out Samoa Joe. Joe comes to the stage and questions Crimson saying his name after what Joe did to him. Joe says that he allowed Crimson to be able to walk away. He calls Crimson's undefeated streak a farce. Joe says that the only reason he is disgusted is because without Crimson in TNA, who else is going to be Joe's b—h? Crimson tackles Joe on the stage, but Joe gains the advantage after a low blow. They work their way to the ring and Joe attacks Crimson's ankle and puts him in a modified figure four.

Matt Morgan comes out and attacks Joe. Matt tries for the Carbon Footprint but Joe leaves the ring. Morgan follows Joe up the ramp, but Joe heads to the back. Morgan comes to the ring and helps Crimson to his feet and leaves.

Match Number Three: D'Angelo Dinero defeats Ken Anderson. Devon's children were seated at ringside and during the match, Anderson and Dinero fought in front of them. Anderson took Dinero down in front of Devon's children. Devon's children shoved Anderson, but Devon came out and dealt with his children and the referee. Bully Ray ran in from the crowd and hit Anderson with a Singapore cane. Pope got in the ring and pinned him. Devon took his kids to the back.


Match Number Four: Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles with a crossface. After the match, Styles shook Roode's hand and he told Roode to win the title. Styles raised Roode's hand.

In the final segment of the night, Hulk Hogan came to the ring and he says that he feels like he has had a million pounds lifted off of his shoulders. After some soul searching, he said the Hulkamania run is the best run of all time. Hogan mentions how the first day he got in the business, he broke his leg. Hogan says that he learned respect and the ropes of the business. He talks about how he faced Andre the Giant, and sold out Madison Square Garden many times. At the end of the day, Hulkamania could go on forever. Hogan said that he had the chance of a lifetime to come to Impact Wrestling with three decades of knowledge and change Impact Wrestling. Hogan mentions that he has been here for almost two years and every moment has been worth it, including watching names like Bobby Roode, James Storm, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Rob Van Dam step up.

Hogan says that unfortunately it is the end of the road for him. Hogan says that he wanted to tell his fans first, even before his wife. When he lost his family and his health, the only thing he didn't lose was the fans. No matter how bad it got, he knew the fans would still be there. Hogan says that he made the decision that his run is done and says that Bobby Roode, James Storm, and AJ Styles are the stars of the future.


Hogan says that he is inviting everyone to come to Knoxville next week for a formal announcement because that will be the last time that we see him in this ring. Hogan leaves.


Ink Inc defeated the British Invasion with Mooregasm by Moore on Williams.