— In the October issue of WWE Magazine, Mae Young was profiled and tells about a promise Vince McMahon made to her if she turns 100 years old. She said:

“I plan on wrestling when I’m 100. My grandmother lived to be 113, so I figure I can make it into the ring when I’m 100. Vince promised me a match with his daughter, Stephanie, and his granddaughter, Aurora Rose, when I’m 100-years-old. I’ve got to live to see that.”

— Just to clear something up – we have NOT confirmed that Kurt Angle blew a .06. That simply came from a fan report we got and is not at all confirmed. Please disregard that for now until we get further details. It should also be noted that a person can be charged with a DUI while blowing a .06 at the officers discretion. If the officer has reason to believe a person is incapable to operate a motor vehicle they’ll be arrested for DUI. This involves alcohol and/or drugs. That could be the case here. Also keep in mind that a DUI is not the same as a DWI.