The Royal Ramble: Show Ideas For WWE Network

I was going to do a preview for the "Night of Champions" pay per view, but it seems more like the "Night of Predictability" and I won't waste any time. Instead of sighing at the boring Alberto Del Rio title run, it's time to focus on the 2012 WWE Network. Along with re-runs of classics like "WWE Raw" and "WCW Monday Night Nitro," the network is bound to have a lot of original programming. Here are my suggestions. Feel free to forward them to any WWE Network Executive Producers.


Rasslin' Rivalries

WWE DVD releases tend to feature the main matches in feuds, but the story that got fans there is lost along the way. On the half-hour show "Rasslin' Rivalries," famous WWE feuds are recapped from start to finish with some commentary from the wrestlers involved and other roster members. Stories could include Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Undertaker vs. Mankind and John Cena vs. Edge. It would include the interviews, promos and incidents along with full and edited matches depending on how long the feud was.

WWE Super Fan: The Game Show

It's WWE meets "Double Dare" as ultimate WWE fans compete in trivia and physical challenges to show their wrestling knowledge. With a mix of video, audio and standard questions, players would rack up points and money through WWE knowledge. In-between trivia rounds, they must compete in WWE-based competitions like "Big Boot a Mannequin," "Paint a Doink Face" and "Climb the WWE Ladder."


WWE Superstars' What If?

The ultimate question for a WWE wrestler: If you weren't a wrestler what would your career be? Now it's time to find out and show us as WWE stars embark on real-life careers outside wrestling. Imagine John Cena working at a fast food restaurant, Randy Orton teaching a class or Mark Henry as a babysitter. The show would follow a wrestler for 24 hours as he tried out a new job.

WWE's Top 10

One of the best shows on the NFL Network is the "Top 10" program that highlights NFL records and lists. The "WWE Top 10" could be just as successful with weekly countdowns of the best in WWE's history. There have been several lists like this in things like WWE Magazine, but the show can expand and show video to match. Categories include "Top 10 Dropkicks," "Powerbombs," "WWE Weddings," "Iconic Weapons," "Match Endings," "Backlash Moments" and so on. This could become one of the best shows on the network.

The Marks

Like the title states, "The Marks" is a sit-down debate show featuring WWE fans and professional journalists. Every weeks, "The Marks" would discuss "WWE Raw," "WWE Friday Night Smackdown" and other WWE events. Fans could call, Tweet and add their opinions to the show. Sure, TNA's Gunner would hate it, but it's on the WWE Network anyway. It would give the fans an alternative voice than the internet and help increase debate and spark over WWE feuds.


If any of these shows get made, the DVR will be filled throughout 2012.