TNA Tag Team Title Match: Brother Devon and The Pope vs. Mexican America

We go tot he ring and out comes the team of The Pope and Brother Devon. The TNA Tag Team Champions Mexican America, Hernandez and Anarquia. They're accompanied by Rosita and Sarita.

Anarquia starts things off with Devon, who gets a USA chant going. They lock up and go at it. Devon works on the arm and then goes to a headlock. Devon with a big shoulder block and more work on the arm. The Pope is tagged in to continue the assault on Anarquia. Pope with offense and another quick tag to Devon. Anarquia tags in Hernandez. Devon blocks Hernandez and takes him off his feet with a big shoulder. Pope comes back in for some double teaming. Pope works on Hernandez's arm now and tags Devon right back in. They double team Hernandez and Devon gets a 2 count. Hernandez fights Devon off and makes a tag. Devon unloads on Anarquia when he comes in and tags Pope again for another double team move.

Rosita argues with the referee as Pope gets a 2 count on Anarquia. Pope goes to the apron ad kisses Rosita. She slaps him and he holds her above the floor by her hair. Anarquia runs into Devon, sending Rosita to the floor. Pope goes back to work on Anarquia and tags in Devon for yet another double team move. Pope stops it to knock Hernandez off the apron. Sarita gets involved and slaps Devon while he's on the turnbuckle. Hernandez with a big splash on Devon before knocking Pope off the apron. Hernandez tags out again. Anarquia with a big shoulder off the ropes for a 2 count on Devon. Hernandez and Anarquia hit two splashes on Devon in the corner and another double team move. Hernandez with a 2 count.

Hernandez with a bearhug on Devon now. Devon fights out but Hernandez shoulders him to the floor as he's running. Hernandez charges but Devon spears him. Anarquia comes in again but right as Pope does. Pope with a series of clothesline and more offense. Hernandez is dropkicked off the apron. Pope continues the offense and connects with a big crossbody from the top as Hernandez breaks the pin. Anarquia suplexes Pope and then Hernandez leaps off the top with the big hit. Devon runs in and stops another pin. The champs collide. Pope and Deovn hit a double clothesline on Hernandez. Sarita and Rosita get involved in the ring. Pope catches Rosita off the top rope and spanks her rear. Pope tries to suplex Anarquia in off the apron but Anarquia falls on top of him. Rosita holds Devon's foot down and they get the win.

Winners: Mexican America

- Mr. Anderson is backstage with Jeremy Borash. JB asks about he and Anderson being friends. Anderson says they don't like each other but they have a common bond they hate Immortal.