Triple H Talks RAW Guest Host He Hated Most, Getting Hit By Schwarzenegger, More has an interview with Triple H promoting Inside Out. Here are some highlights:

On getting hit by Arnold Schwarzenegger on an early episode of SmackDown!: He whooped my ass... Arnold was supposed to hit me one time and I was gonna go down. And then Arnold decided to jump on top of me and hit me about twenty more times, but it's Arnold Schwarzenegger, what am I supposed to do, throw him off and start pounding him? Arnold just got carried away in a live moment and next thing I knew, Arnold was on me like a pack of weiner dogs beating me senseless.


Best and worst RAW guest hosts: I'd like to give one to Bob Barker, just 'cause it's Bob Barker. But you know who I would have liked to pedigree is Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton was the guest host and he showed up ten minutes before he did his thing, he did it, and he left five minutes later. He couldn't have cared less, he phoned it in. It was the worst appearance ever.

Most of the guys come on the show and they know what we are and they want to have fun. Dennis Miller came on and he was hilarious on-camera, hilarious off-camera. Dennis came up to me and he goes, "My life is complete. I just got comedy advice from Vince McMahon." Vince would literally be like "Dennis, come here. You need to say your jokes slower 'cause..." Vince will give anybody direction.


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Source: Movie Fone