Update: Kevin Steen 'Hacks' The ROH Forums

Here is the transcript of the Kevin Steen video?

"Hello, Um, I'm sure you're all wondering why when you click on the forum link on the beautiful ROH wrestling.com website you get this instead of the usual message board with the in-depth, hard-hitting important conversation like "Should we being in Chris Masters HNNN?" Sorry guys, that's done. We'll never find out if Ring of Honor? should get Chris Masters to come in because I've decided to give Ring of Honor a taste of its own medicine.


You see for the last few months, Ring of Honor has gone to great lengths to try and erase me from history. If you went on the message board and typed in anything resembling my name it would come out a bunch of "X's", which is like if people were talking about porn or something. Which is pretty ironic considering how bad I'm gonna f–k Ring of Honor. (slight laugh) But it's not just on the message board is it? It's also on the main page if you go in the title history, my name, same thing, has been stricken from that thing and it's all X's up there, which I gotta say, Ring of Honor you might think that upset me, but you know, you're wrong. It actually makes me feel amazing, to know that you went to those lengths to do that, to try and take away my accomplishment in your company, that's better than winning any championship. To know that I'm in your head that bad?.PHHHH?AH, it's almost orgasmic.


I gotta say, the only thing that pisses off because of how hypocritical you are. Because you want to censor me from the website? Fine. From the message board? Fine. But when it's time to sell your "Best of HDNet" compilation, my name and picture are everywhere! But to me that just says that you know, deep down, how important I am. And yet? (deep breath) you try to keep me away like I'm a disease. Well that's fine, because now I'm doing this. You wanna take that away from me? I'm taking away your message board. Now let's not kid ourselves, that's really no big loss?but it's a start.

And let me just say this, you know the people doing this, because I didn't do this myself, I don't know Jack s–t about computers, the people that helped me do this, they're fans of your product. Or at least they were. They were people who'd go to your shows, who'd buy DVDs, but now they say there's something missing and you're looking at it. And to thank them for their help I promised them one thing. I'm either going to bring Ring of Honor back to what it used to be or I'm gonna kill it. For good. And that's just Step One. Step Two comes this Saturday in New York City. Now don't panic, I know you've already "heightened security" (said sarcastically) but calm down. I'm in a much better place than I was last June, the last time I was in New York City. I really am.


All I want is to buy a ticket and watch the show as a fan. I'm excited, I got my plane ticket, I'm gonna go to New York City, I'm gonna take in the sites, I'm gonna enjoy the city, then I'm gonna line up, fourteen hours before the show with the fans, talk about stuff that doesn't matter, and then I'm gonna buy my ticket. I'm gonna have my hat on (tips the ROH hat) and everything. I'm just going to see the show as a fan; I want to take in the wrestling matches ?as a FAN. But I got say because it's a little weird, because I tried buying tickets already?and it's impossible. It's almost as if you guys don't want me to have a ticket. But I'm sure that's not the case, because you know there's some pretty smart people running Ring of Honor and I'm sure that you guys realize that you really have two options. You either sell me a ticket and know exactly where I am the whole time, or you don't and then you get to wonder all night, where and when I'm coming.

Now let me close out by saying this-there's one match in particular that had me really excited, that when I saw the match announced I decided-I'm going to see this match live-and when I declared that I was going to see this live?one of the people from that match backed out. Steve (deep breath) not only did you back out, but you took a plane to Japan? I can't believe that I'm saying this but are you that much of a f–kING p—y. God how do you look in the mirror? How do you look at Colby and? (stops short)? Ugh. Disgusting. I'll see you all in New York City."


On a side note, I will be taking the train down to New York City on Saturday to cover the ROH event. If you're interested in meeting up for drinks on us before the event around 5:00EST when my train arrives, please email me ASAP by clicking my name above and we'll set up the details.