Watch ROH And Win A Call From Jay Briscoe, Kelly On ROH's TV Debut This Weekend

-- Ring of Honor Wrestling debuts on Sinclair Broadcasting stations this weekend, you can check out a list of markets at this link. The organization is running a contest asking fans to let followers on their Twitter know about their TV debut and they can win a phone call with ROH Star Jay Briscoe. You can get more details at this link.

-- Ring of Honor's Kevin Kelly was one of the featured guests on this week's edition of Monday Night Mayhem. Here are interview highlights courtesy of Khalil Thomas, MNM's associate producer & official correspondent:

Why he believes that Ring of Honor exceeded its expectations for "Death Before Dishonor IX": "I think there was a minimal amount of hype, and I think expectations from a lot of folks were very low & tempered for 'Death Before Dishonor IX.' I think we exceeded whatever expectations there were. To me, it was a satisfying meal in that you had everything available that you could like. There are fans that like great wrestling, and you got it with Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards. There are fans that like wild, out of control, crazy matches, and you had that with Ladder War 3. And there were all shapes & sizes of stars in between. That was the kickoff to the biggest week in Ring of Honor history, and we are right there on the cusp of it, just a few hours away from the debut episode on Sinclair Broadcast Group."

His reaction to Ladder War 3 & why he feels that this match deserved to main event/headline DBD9: Did Ladder War 3 deserve the main event spot at Death Before Dishonor IX: "First of all, congratulations to all four men (The All Night Express & The Briscoes). They fought with guts, they fought with heart, and it was a fight. Athletes test themselves all the time, and those four athletes pushed themselves beyond the limits. I'm so impressed how Rhett Titus continues to step up time after time. How Kenny King overcomes his own hesitancy in developing a Shooting Star Press that has to be seen in order to be believed. When you stand up to The Briscoes, who are two of the toughest men that I have ever known in my entire life, win Ladder War, and get the contract for a future ROH Tag Team Title Match, that's everything. The main event spot was definitely deserving. Those four performed like main eventers in a huge spot, and they pulled it off."

What new fans of the ROH product will learn when watching Ring of Honor for the first time when it debuts on the Sinclair Broadcast Group this weekend: "A lot of new fans will be tuning in, and what they are going to see right from the start is they are going to learn the difference between professional wrestling & everything else. They are going to learn that everything else is where competition really matters and where wins & losses matter. And we are going to learn why these people do what they do. You are going to learn some of the nuisances of Ring of Honor. We are going to explore 'The Code of Honor' and other things that make ROH unique. We going to present it in such a way that fans who have turned away from the 'sports-entertainment' aspect, they are going to find something that is comfortable to them."


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