What Happened After RAW + Scorpio Sky-WWE Update

Partial Source: Pwinsider

– After RAW ended, John Cena and CM Punk laid out Ricardo Rodriguez. Punk and Cena faced off. Cena offered his hand. After a bit of dramatic tension, Punk shook it. They then pandered with the ringside fans as the building emptied out.


– Scorpio Sky recently spoke with Mania Weekend, here are the highlights?

On Winning His First MMA Fight: I have always been into MMA. I can remember ordering the PPVs back in 93 or whatever. I think it was something I've always wanted to try but didn't get serious about it until recent years. I did pretty well for my first time out. The fans were really happy with the fight and we actually almost won fight of the night. I've kept such a busy schedule I didn't get to train the way I would have wanted to though and I felt it during the fight. So in regards to that I was disappointed in my performance. I had the guy down and took his back early in the 1st round and had I been a little sharper I think I could of finished him. But overall my cornermen were happy and I did get the finish in the 3rd so I'm very happy with that. I have actually been using mixed martial arts as a part of my wrestling style since 2003. In 2009 when I started training in it again I began using it more and more. Now it seems most of my character and style is all MMA based. Which fits me. Face it, I don't have the Hulk Hogan? wrestler kind of build. I'm built like a fighter, so it makes the most sense for me to go that route character wise.


On His WWE Tryout: There's a lot I cannot speak about but I can say it was a great experience. Especially working with William Regal?. He is a true legend and the information he passed on to us over those few days definitely upped my game. I've been backstage at WWE before and had similar tryout situations but this one was better than the others. Regal really wanted to see what we had and to if nothing else, make us better. And he did! Aside from that it was pretty cool finding out how many of the guys watch NWA Hollywood. I'm not going to name names but there was a guy whos name rhymes with Biz who was overheard saying he watched NWA Hollywood the night before SummerSlam. Then he did a move at SummerSlam that I did the night before on NWA lol. No disrespect, I consider it a compliment. It's cool to know the guys in the big time are watching our show.