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Yes sir we promised you a great main event...

The RAW intro hits and we're off!

The Hell in a Cell is looming over the ring as Michael Cole, Booker T and Jim Ross welcome everyone to the show.

Triple H's music hits and he heads to the ring. He opens talking about Miz and R-Truth being fired, and shows their post-Night of Champions comments on WWE.com and subsequent apology on RAW. He says they were fired for "savagely" attacking a WWE referee and giving a weak apology. He said he knew right away that he was firing them, but wanted to get another main event out of them. He then fined Mark Henry $250,000 for attacking JR and Jerry Lawler, and said that no talent was bigger than WWE. He noted that he fired Kevin Nash even though he was one of his best friends.

"Excuse Me!!!" Vickie Guerrero heads to the ring with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler enters the ring and asks what HHH was going to do for him, and noted that he was sucker punched by Hugh Jackman. They show some of the mainstream pub that Jackman's punch got. Ziggler stated that he had a hairline fracture, but he can still compete although he can't eat solid food, and wants to know what HHH is going to do about it. HHH said that he doesn't know what he can do about it, since Jackman was a guest, Ziggler picked a fight and got punched in his glass jaw. He said he'll get extra security for when the Muppets host next month.

Cody Rhodes interrupts and heads down the aisle, complaining about the attack from Randy Orton on SmackDown! Rhodes said that what Orton did was much worse than shoving a referee, and wanted to know why Orton wasn't punished. HHH brought up Orton attacking Stephanie while being handcuffed to the ropes, and proceeded to beat Orton in his lawn. He asked Rhodes to man up and take care of business.

Christian then interrupted and said that what happened to him last week was worse than what happened to Rhodes and Ziggler, and that Sheamus cost him the World championship. Christian entered the ring and asked HHH how it was fair. HHH replied that "it's a lumberjack match, idiot!" Christian said they had enough, and that they've all had enough, and asked Ziggler and Rhodes if they'd like to join him in filing the biggest lawsuit in WWE history. He said he'd change his mind if HHH gave him "one more match." HHH said that he'll give Christian one more match at Hell in a Call against Sheamus. Also, on Smackdown!, Christian will get one more match against Randy Orton. And tonight, he'll receive one more match against WWE champion John Cena, but it's not for the title. Christian flipped out since it wasn't for the title and left.

Ziggler asked HHH if he'd do the right thing. Triple H said that since Ziggler got beat last week, he'll defend the US Championship against Zack Ryder, and HHH hopes that we have a new US Champion. Ziggler said it was ridiculous and left the ring.

Triple H said that Rhodes had the night off since he had a zipper on his head. Rhodes said he was taking it off anyway. HHH asked what he said, and Rhodes said HHH was a poor excuse for a COO. HHH said that Rhodes would defend the title tonight, and his match is next. He said that he was going to go back and find nine guys and Rhodes would defend the title in a 10-man battle royal.

Back from commercial and John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre, Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley and Ted Dibiase are in the ring. Sin Cara and Sheamus get their own intros.

Ten Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship

McIntyre is out first. The second Sin Cara runs to the ring and drags Mistico out of the ring. Hunico then entered the ring, but was tossed out by Daniel Bryan. Mistico nailed Hunico outside the ring with a hurricarana. Sheamus then eliminated Gabriel and Riley, who were fighting on the apron. Jackson eliminated Morrison and Bryan. Sheamus and Jackson then started fighting in the ring, with Sheamus getting the better of him. Rhodes then eliminated Dibiase and Jackson, leaving it down to Sheamus and Rhodes. Christian came down to ringside, distracting Sheamus. Rhodes proceeded to take off his mask, and went to hit Sheamus, who blocked it. Christian ran interference, and Rhodes clocked him with the mask and sent him to the floor to win the match and retain the title.

After the match Christian attacked Sheamus outside of the ring and yelled at him for costing him the World title.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio is announced for tonight as we head to commercial.

Back from break and Cole says that it's clear that Triple H is losing control. A replay of Henry's attack on Lawler and Ross is shown. Cole said that Lawler had bruised ribs "and anal bleeding."

David Otunga is talking to John Lauranitis and says that something has to be done about HHH. Lauranitis said that he might not be COO, but maybe he should assert his influence. He then reaches for his phone.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix are shown heading to the ring. A special feature is shown on Kelly Kelly.

Kelly's music and her and Eve head to the ring.

Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya

The end of the match saw Kelly rid the ring of Natalya. Phoenix then nailed Kelly with an axehandle and then won the match clean for her team by pinning Kelly with a Glam-Slam.

Mark Henry's music hit and he heads to the ring. He'll face The Great Khali next.

Khali entered the ring, but was attacked before the belt rang. Henry put the beatdown on Khali, and gave him the World's Strongest Slam. Henry then left the ring with the belt.

John Cena is shown heading to the ring and he'll be out next.

Cena's music hits and he heads to the ring. He talks about the title being surrounded in controversy. Cena says the controversy is over this Sunday. He talks about the cell being a problem solver. Cena says he has been through hell and there is no way he's going to lose his title this Sunday.

Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he heads to the commentator's table. CM Punk's music hits and he's wearing a suit coat over his T-shirt and shorts and goes to the commentary table. Christian then heads to the ring to face Cena.

John Cena vs. Christian

Cena got the match outside the ring and threw Christian on the announce table. Del Rio went to hit Punk, and Cena got his hands on Christian and got him back in the ring. Before he could do anything, Del Rio hit Cena with a kick to the head and quickly took off as Punk entered the ring. With Punk and Cena standing in the ring, Del Rio stood at the stage and took a mic and said that he'd be the only one leaving hell this Sunday.

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is accompanied to the ring by Vickie and Jack Swagger. A recap of Ziggler's match with Ryder from last week is shown. Ryder had the upper hand until Vickie ran interference and Swagger clotheslined Ryder on the top rope. Ziggler followed up with a Zig Zag and pinned Ryder.

After the match, Ziggler shook Swagger's hand. They then proceeded to beat Ryder down. Air Boom's music hit and they saved Ryder. Teddy Long's music hits and he said that Vickie has three minutes to find a partner for Ziggler and Swagger to face Air-Boom and Ryder. Long proceeded to say that if they can't find anyone, then it will be a 3 on 2 handicap match. Vickie runs to the back as we head to commercial.

Back from break and Vickie still isn't back, so the match is a handicap match.

Air Boom and Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

During the match, Vickie heads to the ring with Mason Ryan, who joins Ziggler and Swagger. Ryder makes a hot tag, but is floored by a clothesline from Swagger. Swagger takes in Ryan who looks like he's about to go to down, but ends up destroying Ziggler and Swagger before leaving the ring. Ryder then hit the Rough Ryder on Ziggler and got the win for his team as Ryan laughed at the top of the stage. The faces celebrated in the ring as Vickie screamed outside of the ring.

A promo hyping Hell in a Cell aired.

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly is announced for this Sunday.

Otunga is backstage doing a lawyer gimmick playing off of his Harvard background. He is with Cody Rhodes, Christian, Vickie and Ziggler talking about how they are working under unsafe working conditions and whether a lawsuit is necessary. Everyone seemed to agree.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring and introduces Alberto Del Rio as we head to commercial.

Back from break and Cena's music hits, who heads to the announce table to do commentary. CM Punk then heads to the ring.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Punk pinned Del Rio clean. After the match, the cell started to drop and Rodriguez nailed Punk from behind. Rodriguez tried to run off but was met by Cena, who threw him back in the cage. Punk nailed him with the GTS and followed with the AA. Punk then tried to get Cena in the GTS, but Cena slid out and tried to hit Punk with the AA, but he got out. Del Rio then came in and nailed Cena and Punk with chair shots. Del Rio then put the beatdown on Punk and Cena, utilizing the chair. Del Rio's music played as he held the chair over his head.

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