WWE Security Ordered To Look Out For Intruder, Bryan

– Daniel Bryan beat Heath Slater on this week's episode of WWE Superstars, which resulted in WWE.com posting a headline reading "Bryan Finally Wins!" The sub-headline reads "Daniel Bryan snapped his losing streak on "WWE Superstars" with a victory over Heath Slater."


Bryan had only been on a two-match losing streak: he lost to Sin Cara on August 30 and Christian on August 26. Excluding his victory over Drew McIntyre on the August 25 episode of WWE Superstars, Bryan last garnered a victory on WWE programming on the August 5 SmackDown in a win over Tyson Kidd.

– The latest issue of WWE Magazine claims security personnel at television events have been ordered to keep an eye out for an individual who appeared on the last season of Tough Enough as he/she is threatening to intrude WWE programming.

"The Informer" says: "Insiders report that a certain Tough Enough loser feels he/she was wronged by being eliminated from the program. So much so that he/she is threatening a run-in on WWE programming!


"Arena security is on alert all over the U.S."