Yoshi Tatsu Debuts A New Masked Look, HHH Film Review, More

– Yoshi Tatsu returned to the ring on last night's NXT, defeating Tyson Kidd. Tatsu came out with a new look and in a mask. Yoshi took it off during the match to reveal new facepaint.

– Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel has reviewed the Triple H film "Inside Out", and well, it isn't good. He rated the film one star, and did not exactly have high praise for Triple H or the film's screenwriter?


On Triple H: And they refuse to abandon their efforts to turn one of their stars into the next Rock or Hulk Hogan?, a crossover phenomenon about to carry movies and TV shows, and not just other wrestlers and folding chairs. Paul "Triple H" Levesque has the look, the demeanor and the skills to be a useful heavy in other people's action films. He's so muscle-bound, his arms can't quite drop to his side. His face is more scary than handsome. Yet "Inside Out" is yet another attempt to make him a leading man.

On Screenwriter Dylan Schaffer: Lawyer-turned-screenwriter Dylan Schaffer's script is an unhappy combination of genres, tones, too many dead stretches of people in cars and inept dialogue.