-- ROH sent out the following today:

With his first World Title defense in an ROH ring under his belt a second looms on the horizon when Ring of Honor returns to Chicago Ridge, IL on Saturday night November 19th. But the question is: just who will challenge Davey Richards at the Frontier Fieldhouse. Today ROH officials provide the answer…

The man who will challenge "The American Wolf" will be a former ROH World Tag Team Champion, a former ROH World TV Champion, "The Generic Luchador" El Generico!

2011 has been a very successful year for El Generico but has been filled with many highs, and quite a few lows. The year started with back-to-back victories at "Champions vs. All-Stars" and "Only The Strong Survive", leading into Generico's 1st ROH World Title match in 2 years at "SoCal Showdown II" against Roderick Strong.

That night El Generico showed unbelievable resiliency as he took everything Strong had in his arsenal, and kept fighting back. Roderick was forced to illegally use the ROH title belt as a weapon behind the referees back in order to finally keep Generico down for the three count and retain the title.

The next several months were filled with a mix of wins and losses, including being blocked from challenging Roderick in any future World Title matches with Generico's loss at "Defy or Deny". It seemed Generico would go without revenge following multiple humiliations at the hands of Strong & The House of Truth. But that all changed after Strong lost the title at "Manhattan Mayhem IV" to Eddie Edwards; the window was once again open for Generico to get his revenge on Roderick.

That chance came at "Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter 2" when El Generico defeated Roderick Strong but again was assaulted by the entire HoT, including its newest member ROH World TV Champion Christopher Daniels. At "Revolution: USA", Strong again put down Generico in a No DQ bout, but the following night at "Revolution: Canada" Generico struck back against the HoT with a non-title victory over Christopher Daniels, thus earning himself a TV Title match down the line.

The opportunity came at "Best in the World 2011" where Generico, coming off a win over Chris Hero at "Supercard of Honor VI", parleyed that momentum into a victory over Daniels, making Generico the 3rdever ROH World TV Champion! Generico now held his first singles title, but the score still needed to be settled with Roderick.

After an unsuccessful bid for the ROH World Tag Titles at "Tag Team Turmoil 2011", Generico & Strong entered into a Steel Cage at "No Escape" on July 9th, 2011 to settle the score. Generico defeated Strong that night, earning his retribution, and scoring a second pinfall victory over the former ROH World Champion.

Unfortunately Generico hit another down in 2011 as he lost the ROH World TV title to Jay Lethal on the10/1/11 episode of "Ring of Honor Wrestling" and had a top-shelf collision with Jimmy Jacobs at "Death Before Dishonor IX" ruined. Still despite those lows, the highs far outweigh, and passed on his year long record of strong wins, impressive outings, and overall popularity, El Generico has earned himself a championship bout against current ROH World & current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Champion Davey Richards.

"I've known Generico for a long time now." Said the champion, "We've been brutal enemies, we've fought over titles, we've definitely hurt one another, but through that all...because of that all…I can say that I respect the man. There aren't too many people with the heart, the passion, and the will to succeed that Generico has, and I respect that in a fighter. I look forward to this fight. No tension, no bitterness, just two men battling it out over the most important World title in wrestling, to see who is the better man. I think I already know the answer to that question."

"Glory by Honor X", November 19th in Chicago Ridge, ROH World Champion Davey Richars defends his title against El Generico. Can Generico become the 2nd man in ROH to claim the Triple Crown? Or will Richards' reign continue on towards 2012? Tickets are available at ROHWrestling.com!

-- ROH sent out the following today:

Ring of Honor is excited to announce that in 2012, for the first time in almost 8 years, we will be making our return to the great state of Maryland! On Saturday night January 7, 2012, the greatest pound-for-pound professional wrestling on the planet comes to the Du Burns Arena in the heart of Baltimore, MD.

Check back right here at ROHWrestling.com for more details regarding the on-sale date, talent announcements, and matches as the information becomes available. One thing we can tell you for certain is not only will this be a live event, but it will be our first SBG TV Taping of 2012! So don't miss out as ROH brings the best wrestling in the world to Maryland on 1/7/12!

Ring of Honor Wrestling
January 7, 2012
Du Burns Arena
1301 South Ellwood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224