In the days leading up to Bound for Glory, and his eagerly anticipated encounter with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode participated in a conference call with members of the international press to discuss his thoughts leading up to the biggest night of his career. Here are some highlights:

On if he thinks he can beat Kurt Angle on Sunday? “Absolutely, if I didn’t think I could beat Kurt, I wouldn’t be in the position I am right now. You know, all the hard work last month, the month leading up to No Surrender and the finals of the BFG Tournament. I always knew I had what it took to be a world champion, and this is my chance to, this Sunday, walk into our biggest stage of the year Bound for Glory, to walk into the main event and wrestle, in my opinion, the greatest wrestler to ever live. To beat him, would solidify the fact that I am a main eventer and I am a true star in this business, you know, there is no doubt in my mind right now that I can beat Kurt Angle this Sunday.”

If there will be resentment from the other members of Fortune if he wins the title: “You know I think that, obviously they’d want to be in my shoes, but we’re a family. Fortune has always been very tight, in the matches over the last few weeks I went to Kazarian and AJ and James and told them that I wanted them to give it all and bring their best. In my opinion they are some of the greatest wrestlers in the world and you know to be able to beat them at their best would help prepare me for a guy like Kurt on Sunday. I really think that?when AJ had the title and was going for the title, I was always cheering for AJ, and if James was in this spot, obviously I’d want to be in his spot, but I’d have his back. We’ve always had each others backs and I think on Sunday it will be no different, and I think on Sunday if the outcome is what I hope it’s going to be, then I think they will be right there to congratulate me, to share the moment with me.”

How winning the World title would compare to his first tag title win: “Well you know, whenever you are able to win a title of any sort at any time, is a huge deal, you know I took great pride in winning every one of my tag team titles. But this is something that would be very special, obviously its my first ever chance to become a world champion and being a world champion is why I got into this business in the first place. You know, being a world champion basically solidifies you as the top guy in your company, and obviously its going to be in the biggest pay per view of the year, the biggest night in our companies history. So I think by having the chance to go out and win this world title, if I did go out there, if I did win it, obviously its going to be something I will remember for the rest of my life, and will probably be the proudest moment of my career.”

If he can take TNA to the next level: Yes, absolutely. I think that I have all the tools to be in main events and be a champion and have great matches every night, with whoever it may be. I’ve been here a long time, I’ve seen the good times and the bad times, I’ve seen people come and go, and I’m commited to this company, I believe in this company. I think that, if I should become world champion I think that things will change for the best, I’m hoping that having a new world champ and a new face in the main event may help get more viewers, better attendance, better Pay Per View Numbers. If I am answering the question correctly, yes I certainly believe that.”

On Hulk Hogan re-signing for another year: “I think it’s a great thing for our company. Hulk is obviously the biggest name in pro wrestling, you know he has added a lot to the company in the last couple of years. His match with Sting on Sunday, is obviously for nostalgia reasons very huge, and is going to, I believe, bring a lot of old wrestling fans to the pay per view just for that match in particular. You know, I’ve always been a Hulk Hogan fan, in regardless of his change of attitude in the last little while. But you know as far as the company stands, I think that Hulk Hogan is great to have around our company and brings some stardom, and star power to Impact Wrestling every week.”

His idols when he was growing up: “The guy that inspired me to be a wrestler was Curt Hennig, Mr. Perfect. He’s one of these guys that I really enjoyed watching have hours and hours and hours of footage that I watched when I was first starting to wrestle. Ric Flair was obviously an idol of mine, and even last year on the UK tour having the opportunity for him to be my manager was something extremely special for me. I grew up watching Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, and guys like that. But the guys that really inspired me to become what I am today are Ric Flair, Curt Hennig and even Ric Rude.”

What fans should expect from Roode vs Angle: “I think Kurt is ready, I’m ready, I don’t think Kurt has ever had a bad match with anyone?I think this has the makings of match of the year. I think Kurt and I will tear the house down, go thirty, forty maybe fifty minutes, just whatever it takes.”

If the TNA originals are taking the limelight: “This is an opportunity for the company to really make a statement, you know if I happen to win the world title, to have a new opening, a whole new avenue for new matches and new angles. Just basically a fresh face on top, carrying the world title, especially when you get a a TNA original like myself, I think it sends a message to the fans that there investing there time and the younger guys who have been loyal to the company. I think it’s a great thing for this company.”