Cena Grants Wishes In Mexico, CMLL Stars Get Tryouts, Otunga-Hudson, NXT

– While in Mexico this week, John Cena granted several "wishes" for sick children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

– Several wrestlers from Mexico's CMLL promotion (we've heard as many as 7) received WWE tryouts over the weekend.

– The never-ending season of WWE NXT: Redemption will finally be coming to an end soon.

– As we covered her in the site earlier this month, David Otunga's wedding to Hollywood star Jennifer Hudson has been put on hold. The National Enquirer has picked up the story – and says the main reason for the couple taking a step backwards is that Otunga refuses a prenuptial agreement. The Enquirer states that Jennifer Hudson is worth around $15 million – which does explain why she is looking to protect her assets before getting married.

– Tommy Dreamer is set to debut some sort of new show this week. Dreamer tweeted on Sunday: "Spoke to my producer. The show is finished. Tommorrow it will debut. Let the fun begin."