Crimson Talks Heat With Goldberg, His Success So Far & More

Crimson was one of the featured guests on Monday Night Mayhem. Crimson joined The Big Mosh & Todd Vincent to promote TNA's Bound for Glory Pay-Per-View this Sunday. Here are interview highlights courtesy of Kahlil Thomas, MNM's associate producer & official correspondent:

What he has learned from being with TNA this past year, the early success he has received, & why he was not intimidated about being "thrown into the mix pretty quickly": "It's been a huge year thus far. When I was signed, I was thrown right into the mix pretty quickly, and things took off very soon. I'm always ready for anything and can adapt to anything. I'm trying to do the best I can. The fact is that I was put into a main spot, and in my opinion, I think I have been doing fairly well. I don't like to brag as far as as the feedback goes. From the people behind the scenes, I've handled everything pretty well."

Why he has a firm belief in looking to improve/better himself as his TNA career progresses & what he feels he needs to work on in order to quiet his critics: "I'm not going to sit here, and point out my flaws, and what I think I'm doing wrong, but there is always room for improvement and always a way to better yourself. It's just taking small critics from agents, and producers, and the people that really matter, applying it and making yourself better. I see a lot of the feedback from people, and a lot of times one person's opinion sometimes overshadows facts. The fact is I did the dark matches, I did the 'Gut Check,' and obviously impressed the right people, and got myself to where I am today. That's fact."

His reaction to the comparisons between himself & Goldberg (as a result of his recent undefeated streak in TNA) & why he wants to finally put to rest the recent rumors of heat between the two: "There's no hostility between me & Goldberg. I don't follow Goldberg on Twitter. I don't pay attention to Bill Goldberg these days. People came to me calling me a 'Poor Man's Goldberg,' and he was retweeting the fans' stuff basically saying the same thing. It's sad that some of the simple-minded people out there, because of an undefeated streak, automatically assume that I trying to be Bill Goldberg, which I'm not. The fact that I'm an intense, and maybe some of my in-ring style, and because I break out a spear every so often (which hundreds of wrestlers do), it makes me out to be Bill Goldberg. Bottom line, I'm not trying to be Bill Goldberg."

Source: Monday Night Mayhem