— Kevin Von Erich is working on a new book about his time in World Class Championship Wrestling called World Class – The Story of the Von Erichs. It would be released in the spring of 2012, and is currently 1,354 pages. Von Erich said: “Hopefully not too much will get taken out at the edit. It’s been real therapeutic to write. Conjuring up all those memories. It was hard at times. But I think it is a really honest book.”

— WWE Smackdown’s December 20th taping will take place at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia.

— The February 20th, 2012 WWE event in Minneapolis has a pre-sale code of “DESTINY.”

— There will be a Legends of the Ring gathering tomorrow in Monroe, New Jersey. Among those scheduled for the show are Bob Backlund, Barry Windham, Jamison, Amy Dumas, Mickie James, Little Guido, Shane Douglas, Hacksaw Duggan, George Steele, Gangrel, Dan Severn, Samoa Joe, Nicole Bass, Kevin Kelly, Winter, Terry Taylor, Kevin Sullivan, Mick Foley, Jim Mitchell and many, many more. For details, visit

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