Lance Hoyt appeared on the most recent edition of Wrestling Voice Radio. Fans may remember Hoyt from his run with TNA, competing in the WWE as Vance Archer or seen him recently working for New Japan Pro Wrestling as Lance Archer. Lance spoke about his career in the business from working in the Texas indy's in the early part of the last decade, breaking into TNA, his run with WWE and his position now working for NJPW and much more. Here are some highlights.

Also, you can check out my appearance on the latest edition of Wrestling Voice Radio at this link. I talk about the RAW walkout at the 17:30 mark and discuss a tweet that a fan sent to me who suggested that WWE have Shane McMahon behind the conspiracy. You can also send me your tweets to and I will make sure to respond to all of them.

The constant start-stop nature of his programs in TNA & WWE and does he feels he was never given adequate time to impress and his thoughts on WWE's ECW.

Absolutely, I don't want to sound like one of those guys who say; "Oh it wasn't my fault, it wasn't my fault", I don't believe it was my fault but I think this business chooses who they want to be superstars or who they don't want, or they just don't care.

If the company, if their focus is somewhere else, or on someone else, a lot of guys who have a lot of talent and could be main eventers for the company are put on the back shelf, and I think it's simply because it's because their focus is somewhere else, their time is very precious, they only have a limited amount of time, unfortunately, but I think I was one of those guys who, ultimately, in the long could have been a main eventer for them. So yeah, I think I wasn't given enough time and I think ECW ending, I think hurt me.

Because although people maybe didn't like the ECW product that existed at the time, it provided a great place for talent to get known by the WWE Universe, to accept them as a talent who can later compete with their top talent, look at Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk. So it was a good place to start and even once I got brought back and myself and Curt (Hawkins) were brought in, that started getting good and going great and we weren't the focus so we were put on the back burner.

Why he was released from the WWE instead of others on the roster.

I have no idea, the reason that was given to me was a financial one and who knows ever if it's ever the truth, but that two weeks that talents were released, 13 talents were released, 4 referee's and a writer so that's a lot of guys to let go of at one time so I do believe it was financial. I think they were just looking at numbers and said we have to clear this much money and who do we not have any immediate plans for right now and myself and several guys unfortunately fell into that bracket and they let us go, but it was definitely made to seem as if the door was left open, who knows if that's true or will happen but that's the way it was made sound to me.

Would he go back to the WWE if the chance came.

If it was the right time and right place for the both of us, sure why not? In this business you never say never and they are the biggest company in the world but I'm having fun wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling now so it would definitely have to be the right time and right place for me and my family for me to go.

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